If You Can’t Stand The Heat…….

Get the hell out of the kitchen!

What a coincidence: a national poll today showed Obama leading McCain by nine points. McCain faces that fact by calling for a suspension of the campaign and a postponement of the debates. No way old man!

What’s next? Canceling the election? This country is in a CRISIS OF LEADERSHIP. We have an age-old tradition of debates going back to Lincoln. Additionally, we always have held our elections despite wars, market crashes and economic depressions. This country has lived through a lot, but it has never canceled out democracy. Nor should we do that now.

Life isn’t always a bed of roses. Americans need to face up to the bad stuff. A problem can not be solved unless everyone admits that a problem exists. Please read Barbara Ehrenreich:


Today McCain called for collapsing the campaign. He does not want the people to know how out of touch and dumb he is. Yet, by calling for the cancellation of the debates, he wants to keep the voters out of touch with their candidates. Once again, he is preying on the IGNORANCE of the American people. Let us NOT PERMIT him to do this.

McCain ceded the election today. He is a coward with a brazen yellow stripe running right down his back. Poor Johnny. His numbers don’t look good today so he’d rather cut and run. No way, no how. We WILL have those debates and we damn well WILL have the election on November 4th. Not one day late or a dollar short. Voting is the most basic right of all Americans. Nobody, especially a sore loser who is one year younger than God and losing strength in this race every day, is going to take my rights away.

This is indeed a crisis, a vacuum, of leadership. During the last eight years, my freedoms have been chipped away enough, all in the name of terrorism. And how does giving the executive branch of government unbridled power solve terrorism? It doesn’t, and it didn’t.  We need to throw out those bastards.  This reality finally hit McCain today and he ran away with his tail between his legs.  Such a maverick.

Leave my freedoms alone. Don’t you DARE take away my vote.

McCain is a quitter. I am not.


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  1. chuck Says:

    if there was ever a time to have a real debate about how to fix this mess, i would say that time is now. if john mccain isn’t ready to have that debate, then he certainly isn’t fit to be president.

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