The Emperor’s New Clothes

McCain’s grandstanding, his desire to cancel the first debate so that attention can be paid to completing a bailout, is nothing more than emptiness. He thinks the most important issue in solving this financial crisis is speed. But his (and Bush’s as well) usual shoot-from-the-hip, ask questions (or not) later attitude is all wrong here and now. It is not SPEED we need now, but sober, careful scrutiny of the CONTENT. Content takes time and patience, a trait that McCain does not embody at all.

In addition, his #2 pick, Sarah Palin is such a duck out of water. Her interview with Katie Couric is so awkward. Palin has no specifics about McCain’s 26 years in the Senate. Nor does she have any knowledge of our current problems.

It is downright painful to watch her. Can you imagine if McCain gets elected President, something happens to him, and Palin steps in the top spot? Then we have yet another crisis, and Palin is faced with some hard questions. In response, she tells the American public that she will get back to them. Wait —– there’s more. What if she combines this lack of knowledge with her previously stated importance of “not blinking?” Result: rash judgments making a perilous situation into a disaster. So there: mission accomplished. What a vacuum of judgment Mcain exhibited by selecting Palin. She was good for a two week jump in his numbers, but now —– nothingness. The emperor’s new clothes.

With Palin, there is truly NOTHING to her as far as abilities to be President go. As for McCain, he just makes every crisis about HIM. Both are empty shells in terms of leadership. Both are wearing the emperor’s new clothes. They are stark, butt naked.

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