The Truth Emerges

Surprise!  Surprise!

That madcap manipulative maverick McCain has made his intentions clear: cancel this first Presidential debate, use the VP debate as a replacement for that Presidential one, and maybe, just maybe, he won’t have to reschedule the VP debate.

Is he a moron going for strictly theater, or has he lost even MORE brain cells?  McCain’s strategy is still to DISTRACT from the ISSUES.  ESPECIALLY at this time with the Wall Street fiasco, he knows that he can’t win on the issues.  Plus, he doesn’t KNOW anything about the issues.  Palin’s popularity is waning, and she certainly will not be able to help him out on the issues.  So it looks like he is selling the American electorate down the river.  Distract and divert.  Avoid the issues at all costs.  The dumbing down of America in five easy lessons.

This time, I think he overstepped even his dirty dealings.  The American public, and surely the media, will see right through his shenanigans.  He lost the election today.


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