Wolf…..In Sheep’s Clothing

This is what we get for having a president who cried “Wolf” one time too many.

For starters, the emphasis of Bush and McCain to hurriedly come up with a bailout plan is questionable. Even putting that speed factor aside for the moment, who with any brain at all is going to rush into another debacle “speed plan” like the one Bush devised for our war with Iraq? Our entry into that war was based on lies, was accompanied by no occupation or exit strategy and continues to suck $10 billion a month from out tax coffers as Iraq sits on a $79 billion surplus.

Ever hear of the phrase “fools rush in?” So now our legislators are trying to take some time and actually think through and examine this bailout plan. Yes, Paulson basically has been running this country for two weeks. Yes, he is a smart man who has stepped up to the plate. However, he is a derivative of Wall Street, whose excess and greed is a major cause of our current woes. I don’t care if God himself came up with an economic plan; our legislators need to eye with scrutiny and prudence the content of that plan.

So haste in this process does not hold any water. Haste night be ONE determining factor. Regardless, no one, thank heavens, seems to be willing to give Bush carte blanch with the disaster of Iraq still unsolved and on the table. I am beginning to think that Bush’s cry for an immediate solution is really a plea to pass the package, any package, to stem further tanking of the stock market. Then his constituents, the “richies”, can preserve their pocketbooks and once again, vote Republican.

By the way, our novice Alaskan governor Sarah Palin has labeled Henry Kissinger, former head of the NSA, former Secretary of State and a living statesman, as NAIVE.

Back to my initial thoughts. McCain is repeating Bush’s fear-mongering, “cry wolf” behavior. Two days ago, he announced the suspension of his campaign so he could get back to Washington to make everything right again. Twenty two hours later, he finally showed up in D.C., only after he made an appearance with Katie Couric. All of his television ads went on as usual during this “suspension” and his surrogates did not take a holiday. He did show up yesterday afternoon at the White House and barely said a word on the proposed economic bailout. Such leadership.

In case I forgot to tell you, Sarah Palin thinks that Henry Kissinger is naive.

Now is exactly the time FOR partisanship. This is a huge opportunity for Obama to step in, concentrate on the issues and offer well-thought out solutions. In addition, please note that while McCain called for a suspension of the campaign (but not HIS), Obama phoned McCain and asked for a meeting between the two candidates to try to come up with some answers. Reconciliation. That’s my Obama.

Before I forget, did I mention that Sarah Palin believes Henry Kissinger to be naive in his foreign diplomacy?


One other point is worth mentioning. Our current administration and the Republican Party believe that any program limiting the financial ceiling of salaries of people like them is socialism. However, when it effects the “little people”, Joe and Jane America, it is NOT socialism. Three days ago I was flipping between radio channels in my car. I came across Laura Ingraham’s program. She was appalled that many people wanted, as part of this bailout deal, to make CEO’s salaries and golden parachutes secondary (at best) to repaying the taxpayers what the bailout will cost them. She said this was socialism, not good old American capitalism.

Ms. Ingraham, is it good old American capitalism to reduce doctors’ fees because the government will not assume the responsibility of a national heathcare plan? Is it capitalism to have third party payors, the insurance companies, not only cap doctors’ fees while at the same time, pulling in huge corporate profits for themselves? Socialism by any other name is fine and dandy for physicians (oh, excuse me, “health care providers), but absolutely unthinkable for Wall Street hot shots. By the way, how come lawyers, plumbers, electricians, etc. are not subject to this capping of earnings? Could it be because there is no need for universal legal advice, toilet repair or electrical wiring? Could it be because there is NO CHANCE of government responsibility in these areas? Docking physicians’ pay is the government simply trying to avoid its own responsibility of providing health care coverage to all of its citizens.

Obama is correct when he says that as part of this bailout plan, the taxpayers MUST be considered as investors. And they must be investors who will have the highest of priorities of getting their money returned. Typical example of our greedy, self-indulging country: Washington Mutual, the largest savings and loan in the country, went belly-up today. Their executives will get their salaries, payouts, etc. The shareholders will get nothing. Their investment is a total loss.

I am very dubious when George Bush promises us that the taxpayers WILL be repaid for their part in this bailout. When the time for restitution arrives, I can almost guarantee that these funds will be needed and applied elsewhere. Taking Obama’s lead, this bailout plan needs to explicitly contain a provision specifying the order of payback. Taxpayers first, everyone else later. Plain and simple.

In closing, I must remind you that Sarah Palin considers Henry Kissinger to be naive. And John McCain picked Palin.


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