Taking Back America

Over the last eight years, Bush/Cheney and their Republican cohorts have stolen this country from us. Last night we got a piece of it back.

The first Presidential debate of 2008 showed an urgent need for a forward-looking, future-oriented America. Obama is our future, knows it and will win the fight to take back our country for the benefit of our own people. As part and parcel of this process, America will have a renaissance at home in areas of its economy, heath care benefits and ethics reform. Once we take care of ourselves here at home, out international viability will automatically regrow in stature. Strength on the home front is an absolute prerequisite to strength abroad.

As far as content went last night at the debate, both men did well. One’s opinion hinges on whether or nor not one is backward looking or forward looking. This “tie” is a win for Obama, because many people thought he would not be able to hold a candle to McCain’s foreign affairs experience. Obama did a whole lot more than just hold a candle; he wiped up the floor with McCain’s outdated vision of world events. And for the record, Henry Kissinger DID say that we should have a sit-down with Iran:


War is outmoded. War not only destroys globally, but also decimates the aggressor domestically. The time has come to use our brains, our reasoning capacities, to effect changes for peace. THAT is our future.  Barack Obama demonstrated last night the capacity to LEARN, to use his incredibly evolved intellect to soak up the facts and then apply them to affect change. McCain is of the old school. a student of the past. He refused to even look at Obama directly last night. McCain did not say Obama’s name once. An issue can not be solved by ignoring it, by making believe that it does not exist. That is isolationist, not peace-fostering. These actions are indicative of a philosophy of the past, not of the future.

As for the follow-up festivities to the debate, they too were representative of the old versus the new, the past versus the future. Biden was a participant in many post-debate interviews; Palin was nowhere to be found and yet, people still believe that she is qualified to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency. In her stead, the Republicans offered up Guiliani, the hatchet man, reminiscent of Bob Dole when he ran for the Presidency (his antics didn’t get him very far either in that run). The past versus the future.

So good job, Obama.  Keep on studying, speaking and laying down the foundation for our future.  Your reasoning ability, coolness in the face of adversity and realistic conciliatory demeanor will lead the way .  You are a man of the future, not of the past.

The time has come to TAKE BACK AMERICA!


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  1. amy lilley Says:

    agreed…totally our man for the future…good point, that McCain didn’t mention Obama’s name once…he really doesn’t like our guy and it shows..aslo Palin WHO???…can’t wait to see her implode at the VP debate.

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