Cut Bait

This “sense” has come over me. I am sure it is fiction but I will share it with you anyway.

I have this gnawing feeling that Sarah Palin will not participate in the VP debate on Thursday night. Possible scenarios for her cancellation could range from the huge impact final decision to withdraw from the Republican ticket to some lesser impact, more temporary band-aid, “emergency” at home.

I think, along with correspondent Campbell Brown, that it is precisely the McCain organization that has been the most sexist towards their VP choice. They used her to get the two week bounce in their polls, and since then, have sequestered her from the media and public scrutiny. At this point, they need to fish or cut bait regarding Palin. Obviously they really can not “fish” because Palin does not embody the knowledge, experience, nor the temperament to be VP, much less President. So cut bait seems to be the only alternative. I must say that Katie Couric certainly earned her salary last week. Her sit-down with Palin was a woman to woman interview. Thus, no charges of sexism could undermine the fact finding. Palin did not have the right stuff. In fact, she did not have ANY stuff.

Tina Fey’s parody (?) of Palin (SNL 9/28/08) would be even more hysterical if it wasn’t so pathetically true.

So there you have my fantastic prediction. If the Republicans “fish”, they lose. So they must “cut bait”.

Switching topics and in a more serious vein, please read Deborah Solomon’s interview with Margaret Atwood on the topic of debt:

Atwood’s take on debt in general is so relevant to our current debt crisis.

Finally, Frank Rich’s editorial in today’s New York Times is, as usual, spot on and impeccable:

Can’t wait for Thursday night.


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