Let me give you an update on four Republicans within my social circle.  I have previously said that a further erosion in our economy generally, along with a beating in one’s own pocketbook specifically, would cause these people to “turn”, to vote for Obama.  This is happening.

One person decided yesterday, after living through the 770 point drop of the Dow and the wicked scariness of having Sarah Plain on the ticket, to vote Democratic.   One down, three to go.  Another person, after being subject to yet an additiional margin call on his brokerage account, is in somewhat of a panic and resorts to dead silence when asked his thoughts on Palin.  A third individual was over at my house and, as he walked in, said that if the market has another day like yesterday, his vote is going to Obama.  A fourth individual on my block announced today that the planned renovations on her house have been canceled.

I do not enjoy this roller coaster ride of our economy.  I do not take pleasure in the financial losses of others.  But I DO detest stupidity and greed more than almost anything.  So I will keep asking these people:  had enough yet?

One down, three to go.  Are YOU asking YOUR friends, neighbors and acquaintances if they have had enough yet?


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