Yes, Virginia….

Yes, Virginia.  Yes we can.

I am proud to hail from the state of Virginia —- and getting prouder day by day.   I am of the belief that, in this national election, as Virginia goes, so goes the nation.  Moreover, Virginia might be THE decisive factor in the election of Barack Obama to be our next President.

Remember the Virginia senatorial election of 2006?  Democrat Jim Webb versus the Republican incumbent senator George Allen?  Does the term “macaca” ring a bell?   It took a couple of days after the election to finalize the outcome.  Not only did Webb take the office right out from under Allen, but also the declaration of Webb’s win gave the Democrats the majority in the Senate.  Virginia has a high chance once again of playing a pivotal role in the leadership of our country.  Please read the following:

This southwestern section of Virginia is crucial to a state win for Obama and, thus, critical to the possibility of a national win.  Mark Warner, our former governor and presently running for the U.S. Senate seat which is going to be vacated by John Warner knew, when he was running for the governorship, that he had to garner the votes in that part of the state in order to win the race.  Senator Webb also knew that and triumphed because he was successful in that section of the state.

I love Virginia.  The state has produced eight Presidents.  In that regard, it can be considered the cradle of democracy.  And I do believe that the  ninth President from Virgina, Mark Warner, lies in our future.  Virginia is an incredibly beautiful state, from its its Blue Ridge Mountains to the gorgeous Shenandoah River.  It is as green and lush as the greenest Crayola crayon.

Also, Virginia is where Katie Couric was raised.  She attended the  jewel in our public university system, the University of Virginia.  During the last month, Couric, America’s Sweetheart, was the only member of the media to have the tenacity to uncover the current sweetheart of America Sarah Palin’s ineptitude to be our VP, and possibly our President.  So let me give a huge shout out to Katie along with untold thanks.  God love ya’ Katie Couric.  You did your job thoroughly and well.  You betcha.

During the next five weeks, watch Virginia closely.  You will see Obama and Biden visiting our hill country a few more times.  This area is a microcosm, a symbol if you will, of America’s voting public.  This is where the race will be decided.

Furthermore, a friend of mine, Captain Linz, has given up her normal life for the next five weeks to work for the Obama campaign in Hazleton, Pennsylvania (a story in and of itself—check it out).  Talk about working the election at the ultimate grass roots level.  But this IS where Obama will or will not win the election.  Thank you so much, Linz, for putting this country above all else.  Linz’s five weeks of total dedication is true patriotism.  You can gaze into this small town process of the election by reading her ongoing report  of her experiences:

Yes, Virginia.  Yes we can.


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  1. linz Says:

    thanks yo mama and to all the obama soldiers marching across the land, spreading the gospel of hope and change.

  2. dolly parton Says:

    This is OUR time, Virginia!

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