Let The Games Begin

McCain/Palin and their Republican cronies have begun the War of Ugly:


Sarah Palin is spouting out lies as the designated hatchet man for McCain. The truth of the matter is that Obama is a neighbor of Bill Ayers and served on a municipal education committee with him. He does not have a social relationship with Ayers, nor in any way, shape or form does Obama have a professional, advisory relationship with him.

Yet Palin insists that Obama is friends with Ayers, that he associates himself with domestic terrorists. As usual, what has come out of her mouth is totally twisted lies. I wonder………her husband Todd was charged with DUI years ago. Should we call him a terrorist within our own borders also? Maybe so, because to drive a car while intoxicated is the most basic form of attempted murder. Similar to Ayers’ unlawful behavior of forty years ago, Mr. Palin’s offense happened many years ago. If Ayers’ past actions are still considered as “terrorist”, so should Mr. Palin’s. Remember the goose and the gander.

The worst part of Sarah Palin’s latest accusations is that she does not even realize that McCain is using her to attack Obama, is putting her up to espousing lies, is having her do the dirty work. Can she really be that stupid? Probably not.  So the other alternative is even worse:  she agrees with this outrageous campaign behavior and is more than willing to carry it out.  Does she have NO personal sense of ethics? Is winning the only thing that counts?

She is a stupid, stupid woman. This is not loyalty to her Party; this is her acting like a whore, playing to the basest Party politics. For Palin, a person who prides herself on being independent minded, solely concerned for American values and dedicated to honesty, this behavior is degrading to all those values she tells us she believes in. And the saddest part of all of this is that she is willing to play this role all for a win. How low can she go? What will be rock bottom for her?

Stupid is as stupid does.


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