Damaged Goods

The financial markets are bleeding even more today. We are in a crisis of trust, leadership and corrupt business and government practices.

FINALLY, the Obama campaign has come out with a mini-documentary about McCain’s role in the Keating Five scandal:


Furthermore, this scandal was just one on the many dishonest deeds of McCain’s political life. Just as Bush is a child-man obsessed with outdoing his daddy, so is McCain damaged and driven by a lifetime of trying to win his daddy’s validation. Grow up! Go fight your own inner demons without using the American people as your scapegoats. Go earn a honest day’s wages without succumbing to graft and corruption. Better yet, go make a decent living without marrying it. Talk about elitist! McCain has a lifelong history of using his family’s connections to get him out if trouble time after time.


A few weeks ago, at the risk of appearing more unstable, retaliatory and vicious than McCain, I mentioned to a friend that, if John McCain is such a war hero and ace pilot, why was he shot down in the first place?  Something wasn’t sitting right with me about his past.  Take the time to read the above article and the answer will become quite apparent.

I know these two links are very negative. But enough’s enough. McCain is a carbon copy of what we have had as President for the last eight years. In fact, McCain is worse. Call me crazy, but Bush seems to have at least some moral backbone. No brains, but some sense of what is right and wrong. McCain has no such barometer. The only driving factor for McCain is what is good for McCain. Heaven help is all: who would have thought that we could have an even worse President than Bush?


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