There are a few items I need to revisit and address due to new developments.

In my post of 10/10/08, “Burning Questions”, I had three questions on which I had hoped my readers would shed some light.  The second question, which dealt with issue of compliance with the bailout policy, is what needs follow-up.  My major concern was that the federal government has freed up billions of dollars to financial institutions, but these institutions were NOT making the capital available for borrowing.  Sure enough, today Paulson spoke out publicly on precisely this lack of compliance, i.e. the banks’ practice of “not deploying the funds, but hoarding them.”

Similarly, one of the conditions of the bailout plan was that financial companies would not be allowed to pay their CEO’s exorbitant executive salaries or provide them with golden parachutes.  I think, but am not positively sure, that the large banks who partake in this bailout ARE subject to conditions regarding their top executive pay and perks.  However, I would like to know what exactly those preconditions are.  Not that our great government (in all of its infinite wisdom) has realized this yet, but it would seem reasonable for an agreement i.e., compliance with these new rules, to be specified IN THE BEGINNING,  before any taxpayer’s dollars are committed to this huge plan, rather than AFTERWARDS, when the only resort left would be to assess blame.

The second issue that needs follow-up is the history of the Republican Party versus its identity today.  In my post of 10/11/08, “One’s Just Rewards”, I cited an article by David Brooks.  In that column, Brooks explained generally and specifically why the Republicans of today are nothing like the Republicans of the last 30 years.  Bob Herbert, in the following, sheds more light on this phenomenon:

The GOP is NOT your parent’s GOP.  For all of those die-in-the-heel Republicans and for those middle and lower class people who THINK they are attaining some sort of upper class luster by voting Republican, think again.  But of course, thinking was never part of the plan.
Finally, we must revisit the topic of Sarah Palin.  Out of all the decisions McCain has made during this campaign, none has been as poorly conceived, as dangerously implemented to border on vigilanteism, and as disasterously ominous for the future of the United States.  Please read Christopher Hitchens from “Slate”:

This topic of Palin’s suitability and qualification for the job of VP has been, far and away, the crux of my criticism of McCain.  HE made the choice.  Therefore, the onus of this decision is on HIS shoulders first and foremost.  This choice places McCain’s past, present and future in question as to HIS suitability and qualification for the job of President and world leader.

In closing, please view the video below.  Obama, as I said in some of my earliest posts, is a gentleman, a scholar and exactly what you and I and especially, OUR CHILDREN, need right now.

Remember “Scholastic Magazine” we used to read when we were in school?   This magazine has conducted a “vote” of school-aged children from first grade through twelfth grade.  For the last 40 years, the kids have predicted, through their votes, the correct winner in all of the Presidential elections.  Their vote this year?   Fifty nine percent for Obama, thiry seven percent for McCain, four percent Other.

 Out of the mouth of babes.  So be it. 



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