LIVE! From Virginia, It’s YO MAMA

Here we go —– the last debate of the 2008 Presidential race.  This is my first shot at “live blogging”.  As I watch the debate and have a comment, I will cite the time and try to provide some context for my thoughts.  I think I should have heeded my momma’s advice back when I was a teenager to go to secretarial school to learn how to type well and fast.  Here’s hoping for the best.

9:04 P.M.

In response to Schieiffer’s question about thoughts on their oponent’s new financial plan, McCain talks about “anger”.  What else is new?  This is his specialty, right?

9:06 P.M.

Bingo!  Obama jumps right into addressing help for the middle class, a concept foreign to the Republican Party.

Neither candidate answered the moderator’s question regarding critiquing the other’s plans.

9:08 P.M.

Is McCain crazy?  He accuses Obama of caring only for the rich.  Does McCain think that by twisting reality he can hang HIS dedication to the rich on Obama?  I feel like I am on another planet.

9:11 P.M.

Of course McCain does not realize the need to raise taxes on the top 5% of earners.  All McCain is talking about are the major corporations.  He thinks their taxes, and those of the richest Americans, should NOT be raised.  How will he then pay for all the existing and new programs?  Borrow for a change?  Increase our deficit even more, until finally, the full faith and credit of the U.S. is totally worthless?

9:16 P.M.

Obama provided good specifics regarding INVESTING IN AMERICA, e.g. health care and energy independence.  McCain responds by saying he would have an immediate spending freeze, yet at the same time, insists that we do need an energy plan.  All generalities, no specifics.  Sounds like he is imitating Sarah Palin, i.e. citing certain buzz words with no substance behind them.  Excuse me McCain, how do you plan on paying for this?  Borrowing, borrowing, borrowing.

9:21 P.M.

There McCain goes again regarding balancing the budget.  “I will balance the budget”, he says.  Schieffer responds, “How?”  McCain says, “I just will”.  Get a new life, McCain.  Your old one is history.

9:23 P.M.

Good, cool response from Obama regarding why McCain IS another Bush.

9:26 P.M.

Schieffer asks a question about all the accusations and mud slinging in this campaign and he asks the candidates to address each other now.  McCain totally ignores HIS dirty tactics and accuses Obama of running a mud-filled race.  Obama cites a CBS poll addressing the McCain campaign as running a dirty campaign way and above that of Obama.  Numbers do not lie.  Good on ya’, Obama.  Also, Obama calls for addressing our big problems instead of dwelling on the negative, fueling our fear. 

 Are we sick and tired yet of hearing about Joe the Plumber?  Do you think he even exists?

Good for Obama citing Palin at her rallies for not saying ONE WORD to stop those people from screaming “terrorist, kill him” about Obama.  Let’s call it like it is.  One day soon, these angry mobs will NOT be able to be reined in.  Very dangerous.  Very stupid.  What else is new?

9:36 P.M.

And McCain continues the mud slinging by bringing up Ayers and Acorn.  And this was in response to Obama’s statements that Democrats, Republicans and Independents all need to work together to solve our problems.  He called for decent debate on these issues WITHOUT degrading and attacking the individuals.  Reconciliation, not destruction.  How did McCain respond?  By bringing up Ayers and Acorn.  McCain is absolutely all over the place, while Obama is as cool as a cucumber.

9:41 P.M.

Schieffer next questions them about people they would hire to serve in their administrations.  First up:  their VP choices.  Obama has no problem with this because Joe Biden IS of this world, is an educated, intelligent person with incredible experience in government.  Here comes McCain saying that Palin is a “true reformer” and, surprise, surprise, “has given money back to the taxpayers.”  No wonder she has the highest popularity rating among U.S. governors.  He offers NOTHING as to why she is qualified to be VP, much less President.  McCain gives no rationale for Palin fulfilling the role of VP.  Sorry Johnny, having a special needs child DOES NOT qualify someone to run a superpower.

9;46 P.M.

New topic:  freedom from dependence on foreign oil and forward planning energy policy for the U.S.  McCain stresses the importance of nuclear power and clean coal technology, calling for this implementation to occur within 7 to 10 years.  Unrealistic, a fairy tale.  Obama is much more specific, citing wind power, energy efficient autos, solar power etc. which could be a driving force behind our economy in the next decade and much more realistic about the time table.  He also spoke well on the unfairness of NAFTA.  What?  Is McCain of French heritage?  When he says “billion”, he doesn’t pronunce the “L”‘s, just like Tom Brokaw.  So “billion” sounds like “boullion”.  Just an aside —– back on topic.

9:56 P.M.

Schieffer throws out the health care issue.  Obama is so trying to communicate with the average American by stressing spreading the risk so as to keep costs down, allowing pre-existing conditions to be met, the portability of health insurance and maintaining choice of doctors.  McCain, predictable and expected, does NOT address the American public.  He talks about health care in terms of tax credits (false).  Jane and Joe America can’t relate to that; they need to hear about the things that matter to them, that effect their lives, which is EXACTLY how Obama addressed the problem.  McCain does NOT listen.  He responds with whatever HE wants to say.  Remind you of Palin at her debate?  Is McCain morphing into Palin?  It wasn’t a big enough risk to choose her for his VP?  Now, when he grows up, he wants to be just like Sarah Palin.  What a thing to aspire to!

Good dichotomy explained by Obama about how MCCain’s health plan would devastate many employee-based health plans and eliminate coverage for an additional 20 million people.

10:07 P.M.

Roe versus Wade and each candidates implications for future choices for the Supreme Court is up next.  McCain says he votes for court members based on their loyalty to the Constitution.  Idiot!  Does he not realize that is exactly the crux of the matter?  Since that document was written over 200 years ago, it MUST BE constantly scrutinized and interpreted based on TODAY’S world.  The right to bear arms is an excellent example:  individuals are allowed, according to the Constitution, to bear arms.  That was written when we were in the middle of a Revolutionary War.  It made sense that citizens would have the right to bear arms against militias.  But really, today, the right to bear arms of automatic machine guns, even to hunt (that’s fair, right?), is way out of whack.  Obama’s response citing an irrelevant time limit used by the Supreme Court to deny consideration of an important case on equal pay was simple yet right on point.  Also, Obama, speaking on the opposing sides of the abortion debate, once again concentrated on reconciliation, preventing unwanted pregnancies for example,  instead of the devisive points.

10:16 P.M.

Obama finally made the connection between the importance of a nation’s economic health and its strength abroad.  He relates this economic strength to the importance of education.  Tonight, Obama is exceptional in explaining his policies on a very basic level that the average American can understand.  And kudos to Obama in castigating parents to step up and take responsibility for raising responsible, educated children.  I hear wonderful echos of Bill Cosby.  McCain responds that throwing money at education is NOT the answer.  Of course not.  He would rather give the money to the rich in the form of tax cuts, or the military for wars.  So much more productive.  Innovative and effective education is a must for economic  growth and thus, for national security.  How predictable Mccain is.  He feels that  if our current education system is not working, we should “reform” it.  Once again, great generalities and buzz words, but no specifics.  How outdated.  How last century.

(I am exhausted.  I think I have developed carpal tunnel syndrome —– in BOTH wrists!  When does this debate end?)

10:27 P.M.

We are at the close.  McCain goes first.  Good closing summary, although he still presents an overall image of a faded, old man.  And that is exactly what he is.  He is NOT a reformer anymore.  He’s a figment of the past, incapable and unprepared to lead us into the future.  Obama —– what a presence.  Gotta love him!  He is our future, our best hope for not only digging us out of this deep hole we are in, but also for bringing real change to the table for our country and our world.

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  1. Maribelle Says:

    fannie and freddie mae!!!?!

  2. Jamie Holts Says:

    I’ve been reading along for a while now. I just wanted to drop you a comment to say keep up the good work.



  4. Maribelle Says:

    it’s in the bag

  5. Ann Boeber Says:

    And let us not forget the imaginary explanation point McC put up with his wriggly old hands when he was talking about abortion and the “HEALTH OF THE MOTHER”. I felt that was condescending to ALL women.

    I wanted to give him a smack every time he laughed when Obama spoke and just wipe that phony smile off his pasty face.

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