Mamas Forever

Have you seen the political advertisement where Obama talks about being an American?  He speaks of riding on his grandfather’s shoulders at a parade celebrating the astronaut’s return to earth.  More meaningfully, he talks about his mother getting him up at the crack of dawn to work on his lessons with her.  He complained and groaned, and she responded by saying, “This is no picnic for me either, Buster.”  She did what she had to, as did Obama.  Education is NOT elitist;  it is the bedrock of a productive, caring human being, which in turn, is the foundation of an effective, responsible society.

Obama’s mother brings up a lump in my throat and a warm feeling in my heart.  If he had never had a mother like he did, he would never be the person that he is.  He knows this, and celebrates her.  Even though she died at a young age, her legacy, Barack Obama, lives on.  He will be the force of a new century.

Nothing has touched me more than how lucky we, the citizens of the United States, are to have reaped the benefits of the devotion and hard work of Barack Obama’s mother.  Her life was not easy, no cake walk.  Instinctively, she knew the potential of Barack and honed his skills, loved him to death, and delivered to the world a true phenomenon.  We should be so grateful to her.  Obama walks tall and so he should.

Not the case for John McCain.  How is this man able to live with himself, with what his recent transformation has been?  This man, whom I might have voted for in 2000 had he not lost the Republican nomination, who has subjugated every degree of honor he ever embodied to winning the moment.

McCain is allowing the Republican National Party to robo-call voters in swing states with recorded messages full of lies about Obama supporting terrorists (Ayers) who supposedly planned to blow up the Pentagon, just like Osama Bin Laden.  The phone calls also say that Obama will raise taxes on the middle class, which is an outright lie.

Furthermore, McCain and his party did an inadequate job of vetting Sarah Palin, just as they did in their recent adulation of Joe the Plumber.  It is as if these Republicans have turned current politics into a total cultural war.  They have no recourse or strength on the issues because they have no real excuses for Bush’s policies of the last eight years. Their current policies are no different.  So instead, they turn to instilling fear in the hearts of Americans.  Palin is an insult to the office of the Vice President, a slur on the people’s intellect.  Joe the Plumber isn’t even licensed.  As usual, the Republicans have only disdain for smarts and education.  Couldn’t they have, at least, read material, done their homework, in vetting Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber?  Of course not.  They are appealing to the lowest intellectual common denominator of Americans.  That is just how desperate they are at this point.  Thus, McCain has sunk to that base level also.  How can he look at himself in the mirror every day?

This is precisely why the “intellectuals” of the right wing have forsaken any support of McCain.  People like George Will, David Brooks and Andrew Sullivan, typically conservative, have all thrown their support to Obama.  You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that McCain and the current Republican Party is poison, a toxicity for our national well-being and international standing.

So my heart goes out to Barack Obama’s mother.  She taught him how to be a human being and gave him the strength and fortitude to do what he must do.  There are many, many more vocations, certainly a plethora that pay better,  than being just a “Mom”, but NONE as deeply important in effecting the betterment of the human condition.  Obama’s mother believed in him. Thus, he believes in himself and is trying to teach each and every one of US to believe in ourselves.

Obviously I am partial to the role that mothers fulfill.  I have done a lot in my life.  However, I can honestly say that THE most important role I have played is that of Mom.  If you have done a respectable job as a mother, on the other side of 25 years, you will see the proper values and ideals reflected back from your children.  Yes, it takes that long.  Nothing, absolutely NOTHING, is more rewarding than that.  Not only have you raised productive and happy children, but also you have taught them, through constant nagging and by example, how THEY can be good parents.  In this way, real values and morals are passed down through the generations.

Monkey see, monkey do as regards parents and offspring.  For example, on one side of the spectrum you have Barack Obama fulfilling the hopes and guidelines his mother set forth for him.  On the other side of the spectrum, you have Bristol Palin, seventeen years old and pregnant out of wedlock, obviously following the example (tacit or more obvious, it doesn’t matter) set by her parents, who delivered their first child, Track, after seven months and 21 days after eloping. Need I say more?

In closing and at the risk of getting my head bitten off by my children, let me say that the time is nearing when they might bring home a significant other.  I couldn’t care less about their life partner’s color, religion or gender.  But hey Buster, please, oh please, do not let that person be a Republican.


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