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You young uns’  ARE MAKING THIS WORK.  Obama For America has raised a record $150 million in September.  The two largest donor groups are seniors and STUDENTS!  Two weeks to go and it is going to get uglier than you ever imagined.  The “ugly” we’ve seen so far will not hold a candle to what is in store.  In fact, there is an inverse relationship between the funds raised by Obama and the degree of underhanded, untrue campaign tactics of McCain.  This is called desperation and it is a powerful force.  We would be making a huge mistake to underestimate it.

The McCain organization has alleged that the Obama organization has perpetrated voter fraud.  Last week, the Supreme Court heard and then handed down a decision that NO SUCH thing had happened in Ohio.  Carrying on as usual, this was a ploy by the Republicans, having a vacuum of policies to offer the public, to instill DOUBT about the efficacy of the overall voting process.  In this way, McCain is hoping to keep voters AWAY from the polls on election day, to sabotage the election by making Americans feel that the voting process is so corrupt, why vote at all?   After all, most of those newly registered voters will go Democratic.

So do not talk to me of patriotism and country first.  McCain, Palin and the Republicans are resorting to their typical destructive tactics.  “Country”, voting rights, and FREEDOM as guaranteed by the Constitution are all in jeopardy now until November 4th.

I, for one, will NOT allow the Republicans to sully or steal this election.  Not this time.  No Siree!

David Plouffe, in the following video, is absolutely correct in his strategy.  To ensure a win for Obama, I figure he will need a lead in the polls going into the election of around ten to twelve points: he will need about six points to offset any Bradley effect.   Then he will need at least four to six more points to nullify any Republican dirty deeds to keep voters from casting their ballots and/or counting them correctly and legally.  This is precisely why Obama is currently making inroads into historically red states like West Virginia and Mississippi.  He is not going to allow his leading poll figures to make him complacent, to sit on his laurels.  Obama is continuously seeking new territory —– JUST IN CASE.


I get a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach when I anticipate the probability of Republican shenanigans tampering with the vote.  But I fully expect it.  When all else fails, as it has, the Republicans WILL go even lower, “country” and the people be damned!  The major course of action we can take to offset this Republican undermining of the election is to GIVE, GIVE, GIVE.  Obama needs a substantial war chest to continue his fight in these last two weeks.

In fact, these two weeks are even more crucial than all that has gone before.  The Republicans are now phoning voters and telling them that they can NOT vote if they have at least one outstanding traffic ticket or their homes have ever been foreclosed.  So replace that abysmal “punch-in-the-stomach” feeling with hope and a take charge attitude.  Who in their right mind wants to go through not only the travails of real voter fraud, but also the possibility of government prosecution after the election (a la 2000).  Who are we kidding?  Let’s get real:  Bush’s Justice Department appointees will offer no good solutions to getting a fair win for Obama.  It would be adding insult to injury.

We need to address these possibilities NOW.  We need to nip it in the bud RIGHT NOW by making sure Obama has the funds to obviate the occurrence of post-election government (Republican) interference.  Heaven knows that he will have enough problems to deal with after his win on November 4th.  On November 5th, he must hit the ground running.  We Americans can not afford to have President-elect Obama getting off track in the transitional period from November until January.  He MUST have the capability to address our real problems;  he must NOT have to mitigate his leadership from Day One by having to fight against unfair election practices and face a corrupt Justice Department.

Preventive medicine.  Keep giving.


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  1. sarahsouth Says:

    did you hear the breaking news that 27% of donations came by way of checks with “dissin’ for dollars” written on the memo line?!

  2. Reality Says:

    It’s nice that you all are in practice with the names McCain and Palin. You will be saying them for the next four years. If you really think America is going to let a muslim run this country, you are WRONG!

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