Swingin’ With Sammy

I woke up this morning in a cold sweat.  The CNN poll gives Obama only a six point lead over McCain…..and Sarah Palin.  She was the primary cause of my agita.  This election is too close for comfort.  Listen to Sammy Davis, Jr.  He tells it like it is:


It is unfathomable to me that Palin might be our next VP and if McCain IS as old and sick as he looks, she might be our President as well.  Having arisen this morning with Sarah Palin  in my brain before I even got out of bed, i am tired and cranky.  That woman is way too close for comfort.

So let’s do as Sammy says:  be wise, be smart.  I am painting another huge yard sign today.  I will post a picture of it on Wednesday.  I can not just sit and do nothing, and then wake up two weeks hence to find that McCain/Palin are the leaders of the free world.



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