To The Brownies

You Brownies are my salvation.  To a person, I am so proud of your work for what matters: Obama.

Here is some more entertainment for your hard work:

All of you college cronies have known Castine since she was a puppy.  During Spring Break of your freshman year (or was it sophmore year?), you all visited us in Virginia.  Castine was only months old.  She has proven to be a real love.  Unfortunately, I have conditioned her to react to the command “Sarah Palin.”  She now knows that when she engages in some dubious behavior, her mama tells her that she is acting very much like Sarah Palin.  She responds by “getting down.”  I know this is sick on my part, but an older dog (she is now almost nine years old) needs to heel.  Don’t worry —- she is the most loved dog in existence.

Thank you dear Brownies for all you do: your commitment, your follow through, and the lessons you teach old people every day.


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