Chin up!

I am receiving too many negative thoughts from my contacts.  For these last two weeks of the campaign, I have turned over a new leaf:  I must concentrate on the positive.

We have experienced firsthand the negativity and divisiveness of the McCain/Palin ticket, no less the overall destructive philosophy of the Republican National Party.  Obama has been correct all along, preaching and upholding his philosophy that we need to come together to solve our problems.  Following his disciplined example has given us all the opportunity to be productive and successful in our fight for freedom, enlightenment and good government.  In order to accomplish this difficult task, we must channel our positive energy.  Any negative actions serve to only tear us apart, keep us from the real issues and sow the seeds of destruction.

Man plans, God laughs.  It is beyond belief to me that two weeks before this election, Obama’s beloved grandmother, Toot, is coming to the end of her life.  What a great irony it is that she probably will not live to see her grandson become President of the United States.  As fortunate as Obama’s life has been, he certainly has been handed more obstacles than one can imagine  However, he has in the past and will again in the future rise to the occasion.  That is his biggest lesson to us all.

I salute you, Senator Obama and your dear Toot.  The women in your life have been outstanding in shaping you to be the man you are today.  Of course, you provided them with excellent raw material.  You have fulfilled your promise and in so doing, validated your grandmother and mother.  There is some consolation in the reality that you know this to be true, we know it, and your grandmother and mother also know it.  My heart goes out to you during the next few days but be assured, you CAN count on us, your loyal supporters, to hold things up from this end.

Let us all take a lesson from Obama.  We need to be tolerant, patient, forgiving, respectful and hopeful.  By all means, we need to listen to our hearts, but we must temper our heartstrings with our educated and informed minds.  We need to look at the past, those that went before us, to learn about the future.  Above all, we must always work hard and put our very beings on the line for what, or whom, we believe in.

So chin up!  I want to hear only positive thoughts for the next two weeks.  Let me give you a head start on that:


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  1. chuck Says:

    i give it one day before yo mama is back at it!

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