Material Girl

Okay.  My word is worthless.  I just can not avoid the temptation to dis Sarah Palin.  So much for my positive attitude.

Have you read about the shopping spree the Republican National Committee provided for Palin?  It seems she needed clothes, hair styling and make-up applications in order to make her qualified for the job of VP.  She dropped over $74,000 at Neiman-Marcus alone.  That expense in and of itself will jump start our economy.  So patriotic.  Isn’t it illegal to spend donated campaign funds on personal expenses?  Just asking.  Silly me.

For the small town girl with small town values that Palin professes to be, she sure knows her big city labels and power clothes:

Seriously, there is a great article in this week’s “The New Yorker” on exactly how savvy Sarah Palin is.  As mayor of little ole’ Wasilla and as governor of Alaska, she has pre-planned every last one of her career moves as meticulously as Eisenhower planned the D-Day invasion.  NOTHING has been accidental:

I knew this the minute I watched her on television that day when MCCain first introduced her to America.  The sound was muted on my set, and I was dumbfounded by her body language, her aggressiveness and her outright blind ambition.  I knew nothing about her, but her behavior at that public outing was as plain as the nose on my face.  This “New Yorker” piece confirms in words what my instincts told me months ago.

I do not yet have clarity as to why this woman grates on me so.  But her whole being, especially her phony public persona, infuriates me.  Palin does not hold a candle to Hillary Clinton in terms of experience and intellectual ability.  However, her drive to be someone, a major public figure someday, makes Hillary’s ambition appear trivial.  Hillary’s career goals absolutely pale next to those of Palin.  Pretty scary.

And that red plastic jacket Palin has been wearing the last few days is just plain tacky.


2 Responses to “Material Girl”

  1. YO MAMA's BFF Says:

    I felt from the first time I saw her that she is a dangerous and deceitful women.

  2. Natalie Rosen Says:

    I share with you an unmitigated hatred for that woman. It’s NOT her beauty as I have met plenty of beautiful women and not rabidly hated them. I suppose, if I had to search my soul for the rationale behind my hatred is that the one thing above anything else I value is intellect. I would, if given a choice, pick intellectual ability and a Faustian knowledge over gobs of cash any day. Sarah Palin has less intellectual ability than the third grader whose question of just what a VP does, she could not answer. It is shameful. I would be ashamed not to have a McCain sign on my lawn with HIS name on it but to have a sign with the name of know nothing Palin right underneath.

    McCain’s Choice of Palin as VP, as Peggy Noonan so presciently alluded, has sealed his fate. He will never be President of the United States and I predict Palin’s return to ignominious hockey mom governor of a distant state and primordial ooze from whence she came.

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