No Surprise

Are you surprised?  I am not.  How would you like a runaway rogue in the White House?

Understandably, the McCain camp is at a loss for effective strategies.  Just as in the case of Hillary in the last couple of weeks of the Democratic primary race, a candidate who is behind in the polls at this late date will adopt a no-holes-barred path.  The staffers, advisers and candidate totally decompensate.  If necessary, they will resort to eating their young.

I think Palin’s untamed ambition is stunning even the  McCain campaign handlers.  It is one thing to be dictatorial in one’s own career.  It’s entirely another issue if one is blindly driven to rule the world, our country and you and me with a dictator’s iron fist.

Wait.  Listen carefully.  Ssh!  I hear an echo: “Symmetry.  Just rewards.”

Get lost, Palin!


One Response to “No Surprise”

  1. sarahsouth Says:

    it is *so* annoying when you don’t know how to answer such tricky questions.

    i’m glad she knew her favorite movie, though.

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