I am on edge and nervous about the election.  I do not want to count my chickens before they hatch.  However, I am cautiously optimistic.

My brother, who will be 68 years old on Election Day, has just come through major heart surgery.  He sent me the song below, “When The Ship Comes In”, written by Bob Dylan and performed here by Peter, Paul and Mary.  His anticipatory elation about this election, as expressed symbolically in the song, is partly due to his gratefulness about the positive outcome of his surgery.  But I do not doubt, not for one minute, his hope for a true transformation in our country on Election Day.  He has waited a lifetime for an event such as this might be, and I wish him an early, Happy Birthday and hope his wishes come true:


I am laying low.  I have voted early in my county and now, besides helping to fill up Obama’s coffers this last week (and I encourage you to do the same), I will work to entertain you.  I have one last serious post left in me that I will tackle later today.  It will address the war against science during the last eight years.  Then on Halloween, get ready:  I will have pictures and music that will make you laugh out loud.  I am planning a live blog on election night.

Let’s stay cool and calm.  There is a good chance that our ship is coming in.


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