SARAH: Plain and Tall

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You may view  me as harsh in my treatment of Palin.  That is okay.  This election IS very personal to me.  I am sure Palin is a basically “good” person.  She might even be fun to hang out with.  However, no matter what her endearing or charismatic qualities may be, she is NOT qualified to be my leader.  If the Republicans lose this contest next week, I daresay that Palin will emerge in 2012 or 2016 as a much more refined candidate.  First off, she will have taken elocution lessons, enabling her speech patterns to more resemble the innate tree structures that we humans are supposedly all born with.  Secondly, she will, just maybe, read up on domestic and foreign policy, and throw away that World Atlas that backs up her statement that Russia is visible from Alaska.  She will have to do better than that in terms of foreign policy experience.

Am I slinging mud?  Yup.  If McCain and the Republicans had the stupidity and gall to select Palin as their VP choice, playing the Americans for fools and putting our nation at risk, slinging mud is the least I can do to somewhat “right”, to offset,  this reckless and dangerous choice.  I deserve better and so do my children.

Sarah Palin:  TRICK —– OR TREAT?  Either way, she’s going down:


3 Responses to “SARAH: Plain and Tall”

  1. Natalie Rosen Says:

    I must disagree. Sarah Palin is NOT a nice person at least not from the accounts of her family spats and alienations I have read.

    Further, the Republican party (sssshhhh I really do not want to give them any ideas) must if it wants to be a viable entity in future elections appeal to more than just th 30% or less i.e. its base. It is not enough to hate abortion and gays. Those issues are irrelevant to most of the country’s day-to-day survival activities. They MUST appeal to the center. They must formulate rock solid sound Republican balance-the-books and isolationist-unless-we-are-attacked philosophy. That is the only place they can go. In addition, they must color their line up. The people behind the speaker must be representative of the nation. I wonder if they heard that statistic that by 2040 or so the nation will NOT have a white majority. That means something. But sssshhh please do NOT tell unqualified-even-in 2012 Sarah Palin this. I want them to lose again! 🙂

  2. sarahsouth Says:


  3. Ann Bieber Says:

    You just keep getting better and better- as much as I can’t wait for this election to be over, I will miss your blogs!!!!

    I think you, if you lived in Alaska back in the 80’s, could have trounced Sarah P. in the Ms. Alaska pageant!

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