Hold On

Hold on.

We are almost there.  Tomorrow, Americans will go to the polls and vote.  This election has significant historical implications for so many reasons.  Obama, if victorious, will be the first African American to be our President.  As I watched the stock market fall, and then fall again, I just kept thinking that we need Obama now.  Further, as I watched violence and civil war break out in the DR Congo, genocide rearing its ugly head yet once again, I thought we need Obama now.  As I reviewed various campaign events, reeling at the many attempts by McCain/Palin to sink even lower in their untrue accusations of Obama, I knew within myself that we need Obama now.  As my attention was often drawn to observing children, as well as admiring my own children, I knew in my heart and mind that we need, THEY NEED, Obama now.

Obama is our hope and, tomorrow, he may be our reality.  You must do whatever it takes to cast your ballot.  The lines will be long; be patient, do not give up and even if it takes you four hours of waiting, do it.  One hour on line for each year of a new President’s term is not a lot to ask.  In fact, it is your duty.  This election is historical  because this vote has the potential of setting record turnout.  Make sure you are a part of that history-making day.  Do not succumb to propaganda by the Republicans that one vote doesn’t matter;  one vote can make all the difference.  If you do not exercise your basic right to vote, for whatever reason, you will have disenfranchised yourself.

So tomorrow we all go and vote.  The fight for human decency, effective education, health care, fair and just prosperity and above all, peace, hinges on all of us pulling that lever tomorrow.  After all the hard work we have put into this election over such a long time, we must not surrender before the final step.

It is going to be a tough 24 to 48 hours.  Hold on.  I think it will be a very long night.  Not only will some states extend their voting hours, but also there will probably be a two to three hour lag time after the polls close because if voters are on line at closing time, they will be allowed to cast their votes.  And there might be a few hours worth of voters on line, backlogged, at closing time.

I sense the calm before the storm.  People in our neighborhoods and nation are laying low, just waiting for Election day.  Even the world is holding their breath, waiting to see if America can put its vote where its mouth (and weaponry) is.  Tomorrow may bring us a momentous event.  If Obama is elected, we and the world have a chance —– and remember to temper your naivete, idealism and criticism because Obama is NOT perfect —– to set and attain aspirations of hope and reconciliation.  America has always stood for innovation and caring for its every citizen, as well as supporting a world where  justice rules.  We need to reestablish that journey.  Let us redeem ourselves tomorrow by setting the bar back up to where it was when America was actually cheered for its guts, honesty and human endeavors.  Let freedom ring!

I have never in my life seen more dedicated people than I have during this election season.  The young, the old and everybody inbetween.  One more day.  Hold on.


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  1. scott Says:

    that post was going great until you batted us over the head with wilson phillips! cmon yo mama, we can do better than that!

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