Condolences and Thanks

Granted:  I am a bleeding heart.  Nevertheless, I am just so sad over Obama’s G-Momma, Toot.  She died today, 24 hours before her grandson may be elected President of the United States.  On the eve of such a momentous occasion it is almost surreal that his last living parent/grandparent, active in his upbringing, is gone.

It fits in with the ironic life Obama has led.  While he had a somewhat tumultuous, vagabond childhood and an absentee father, he nevertheless made the most of whatever opportunities crossed his path.  His mother and his grandmother made sure his natural intellectual talents were honed.  Obama himself has admitted that he is not his childhood, i.e. that he beat the odds coming from a single parent household.  He had great guidance from his mother and grandmother.  He followed that up with a strict discipline for hard work and a deep belief in working for the greater good.  He is living proof that, having been raised in a loving, value-laden, work ethic dedicated atmosphere, a person can reach the pinnacles of personal fulfillment and professional accomplishment.

Please view the video below of Obama’s comments today in Charlotte.  He delivers quite a tribute to Toot:

I’d like to believe that Toot died today, one day before the fruition of her labors rearing her grandchild were ultimately realized, because she KNEW Obama could stand on his own now, tomorrow.  His time has come, and her time has past.

I am sure Obama thanked you, Toot.  But I thank you and so does an entire nation.  You did a great job.  Peace.

Sleep tight tonight.  We have a big day tomorrow.


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