The Connection: True Victory

It is an overcast day today in northern Virginia.  Not to worry.  The gray skies make the fall foliage stand out even brighter, perhaps an omen of what’s to come.

My son Chuck was here for the last four days to work the campaign.  I joined him canvassing neighborhoods on two of those days.  Today we were assigned to a neighborhood that was ethnically diverse.  There were three to four voters per household, which is a lot for this county.   Many people who answered the doors had limited English-speaking abilities.  Their young children, however, were eager to act as translators.  This was the victory of the day:  these children were excited about the election.  They felt the importance of it.  What a terrific experience for them.  After all, they will be our leaders in the generation hence.  A solid foundation was set today.

Barack Obama has done many things well in the last two years.  Perhaps the most significant accomplishment has been to establish a link —–  a CONNECTION —–  between people, whether white or black, rich or poor, Democrat or Republican, man or woman.  Obama has not taken our support lightly.  He frequently expressed his gratitude, thanks and capability to promote change only with our help.  This symbiosis, this mutually beneficial connection, was vital to a successful finish on Election Day.  Each and every one of us was required to do their ultimate best to turn this promise into reality.  As Obama had said many months ago, “I can help you only if you help me help you.”  It was an optimistic, idealistic vision, some might say a pipe dream.  Today we can say that it was what was necessary.  Without a doubt, Obama’s vision of cooperation was transformed into a movement of effectiveness, responsibility and satisfaction.

Americans can learn from this experiment.  Sure, we united as one nation after the tragedies of 9/11 and Katrina.  However, we need to come together WITHOUT tragedy.  We need to coalesce and work together over good times.  We need to focus on the positive aspects of America and continue the struggle to ensure their continuance.  Barack Obama has set the standard and taught us how to follow.  Hell, Obama has taught each and every one of us how to LEAD.

So before any of the returns are in, let me thank so many people for their awesome inspiration.  First and foremost, untold thanks go to my children, Chuck and Maribel.  Without Chuck’s computer knowledge, I could NEVER have carried off this blog.  Additionally, his intellectual interest and political savvy were priceless.  My Maribel has moved me by her music and her general calming nature.  She has been the voice of reason and sanity in a crazy world.  She puts things in perspective for me.  Heaven knows, I DO need perspective.  She talks me down.  From a totally selfish standpoint, my children have validated the time and effort I invested in them, lovingly and willingly.  Nothing —– not educational accomplishments nor career successes —– compares to their dedication to and follow-through on this campaign.  Nothing.

To my incredible friends of so many years —– Lilley and Ann (the Seven Stripe Girls), my BFF Wishey who, through her very quiet, yet dedicated, demeanor has brought some lifelong Republicans over to our side, Janie G.,  who has always been a loyal progressive out for change, my nephew Esevan who, through his chosen career path, has put his money where his mouth is, and finally, the Brownies.  This group of young people were graduates of Brown University, Class of 2002.  To a person, they have thrown themselves into this mission heart and soul.  But the incredible thing about these kids is that they live by what they believe.  They are the real deal and will serve to continue the connection over the generations.

Win or lose tonight, we have had the experience of a lifetime.  That is no small feat.  Imagine if Barack Obama had never existed.  Then we would really be in trouble.  Hard times are one thing, but to have no hope for a better tomorrow is another thing entirely.  We are all the torch bearers;  all of us have been responsible for perpetuating the real America, the good America, on through the ages.  Win or lose, we all have won.

Obama has done his best.  We have done our best.  Be joyful that the connection was made.


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