Here we are. After all these months, here we are. Let’s do it. Let’s take it back tonight. Let’s make America ours again. Together.

The following is the song that started it all for me. Turn the beat around.


I will be writing constant updates and comments here as the results come in. I hope my fingers can keep up with the information. The key, swing states have various poll closing times ranging from 7 P.M. Eastern time to Alaska at 1 A.M. Eastern time. Virginia, Indiana and Georgia all close at 7. However, depending on how long the lines are at closing time, the results may not be available for hours. We’ll see. If the Virginia returns come in early, and are substantial, it will, I believe, be very important. How proud will I be of my home state of Virginia if it goes blue, for Obama? Pretty damn proud. Virginia has not gone Democratic in a presidential election since 1968. So if Virginia does go Democratic, and especially if it gos EARLY tonight, it will be a fantastic way to start the night, and also it could be a good sign for the rest of the evening.

7:08 P.M.:

Wolf Blitzer just called the Virginia Senate race for Mark Warner. Yay!!!! We of the Commonwealth now have two Democratic senators. You make me proud, Virginia.

What do you think Sarah Palin is doing now? Her activities could be indicative of how this election will go. Is she field dressing a moose, or packing her designer, campaign-funded clothes in anticipation of living the high life in D.C.? That woman still, and yet, galls me. Her pretty little body and her pretty little face and her pretty little smile is so deceptive. As soon as she opens up her mouth and spews her venomous comments and accusations, you know she is from another planet. She is representative of what the Republican Party has morphed into: a right wing entity that appeals to the fringe elements. In simple English, Palin and her party can claim as their supporters the intolerant, the bigoted, and the selfishly, narcisistic moneyed class. That is not the America I subscribe to.

7:25 P.M.:

It has just been reported that 75% of registered Virginians voted today. How many times can I say, “I love Virginia?”

8:00 P.M.

New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusettes, Delaware, Maine (hurrah!) all go to Obama. His home state of Illinois goes in his column.

Yahoo!!!! Pennsylvania gets smart and is called for Obama.

The state of Yo Mama’s childhood, New Joisey, has gone blue.

8:16 P.M.:

It looks like Liddy Dole bit the dust. I daresay her hubby, Bob Dole, was probably popping too many of those Viagra (he used to be their spokesperson) pills and thus, Liddy just wasn’t spending enough time on the campaign trail. So Godless of her.

8:32 P.M.:

Still waiting on Indiana. Please note that the hugely populated counties around Gary, Indiana have not reported their returns yet. These are crucial and we will have to wait and see. In Virginia, it is still too early for a decision. Personally, I think it will be in the wee hours of the morning until we get a decision from Virginia. Remember how long it took to verify Jim Webb’s ultimate Senate victory a few years ago. We could revisit that scenario in this election.

8:36 P.M.:

NBC has just called Georgia for McCain. Yuk. Phooey. This means that my Ray Charles video (try to figure out which song I had picked out —– duh!) will not be played tonight.

8:43 P.M.:

I am so loving all of your comments to this post. Thank you so much. Tonight is different from the debate live blog because, so far, I actually have time to read your comments. Keep them coming.

8:50 P.M.:

What is holding up Rhode Island? That state is very near and dear to me because my hope, Lilley, lives there and of course, my Brownies all met there and just like the cream, they started their “rise” to the top, individually and collectively, at Brown University. Does anyone know what time the polls close in Rhode Island?

9:00 P.M.:

Michigan goes to Obama, as does Wisconsin. Minnesota is placed in the Obama column:

And the great state of New York throws its support to Obama. Sing it, Frankie!

9:19 P.M:

A special shout out to Rhode Island, way over the line for Obama:

9:24 P.M.:

Ohio just turned blue! Thank you Seven Stripe Annie. Virginia has closed the gap —– looks bluish. Sit tight. Here’s to ya’, Ohio:

9:33 P.M.:

My heart, New Mexico, has gone for Obama. We lived there for five wonderful years and the two most incredible kids I know, Chuck and Maribel, were born there. It is truly the Land of Enchantment.

9:48 P.M.:

It is looking great. It will be a night of historical proportions. I do believe that at 11:00 P.M., when the California polls close, Barack Obama will have earned the 270 electoral votes he needs to become our next President. Thank you Michael from Michigan. I still want Virginia in my pocket. Our vision is taking shape, becoming clearer:

10:03 p.m.:

Update on Virginia: 49% McCain, 50% Obama. Stay tuned. Some of my very best videos have yet to be posted. I’m antsy —– what about you?

Anybody know what’s happening with Al Franken?

10:57 P.M.:

YIPEE!!! My sweet Virginia has turned blue! This means so much to me. Yes, Virginia. Yes we can.

NBC has just ceded the election to Barack Obama. How remarkable. How historical. How lucky we Americans are.

Axelrod called it and so did Plouffe: as Virginia goes, so goes the nation.

Guess what folks? We are going to have kids in the White House again. What could be better than that?

Even though a bit anticlimactic, thank you California:

Hats off to Colorado:


11:20 P.M.:

McCain is giving a real classy concession speech. How much more becoming is this type of behavior instead of his divisive and destructive actions during the campaign? Good-bye Sarah Palin. Go back and rule your roost in Alaska. They had a bad day.


Welcome to the family, Indiana! This clip is for my son Chuck. I think he has found true love:

Florida. Thank you for delivering, Hillary:

I am giving Montana to the Obama landslide:

North Carolina is still iffy. What the heck:

This is our Independence Day. I wish you a good night. For the first time in eight years, I can use that term “good night” and really mean it. This Presidential race has been a unifying experience. Let us carry that spirit forward. Now the real hard work begins. President Obama will need our help. Listen carefully to him, be responsible, be kind and forgiving for the mistakes that he will inevitably make, and above all, remember that WE did it. We can make anything possible and everything happen. This is our new beginning, our Independence Day:

Now go and celebrate. Do not gloat; allow Yo Mama that luxury:




  1. sarahsouth Says:

    7:something PM: my friend and i flipped to FOX for entertainment. one of the guys declared all the early voters wimps. WIMPS!! and then he admitted to voting early, but only because he had to be in NY for the news broadcast.

  2. Ann Bieber Says:

    I will join you with your love of Virginia ONLY when they call it for Obama

  3. scott Says:

    go yo mama!!

  4. amy lilley Says:

    Hey Ann…hi Bon…just watching the Gov. of Pa. saying it looks like Obama is going to bury McCain…YIPEEEEEE!!!!…he’s having a good week w/ Philly winning the World Series and his VERY IMPORTANT state calling Obama their own..

  5. amy lilley Says:

    ps. I’m not watching until 9ish, but saw the Pa. Gov on CBS when I ran downstairs for a snack…very happy about Pa.

  6. Coogs Says:

    So far, so good. Slow and steady wins the race.


  7. Ann Bieber Says:

    Hi Bonnie & Amy:
    Let us not forget, “as Maine goes, so goes the nation”.

    Poor Godless Libby D- what a stupid ad that was- I hear her opponent is filing a lawsuit against her as we speak.

    I hope that Bachman jacka__ loses her bid too.

  8. StefanoK Says:

    Kay Hagan’s in the house! First time visiting yo mama – won’t be my last. Friend of Adam’s here, and loving yo site! Scranton native here–PA pride! PA has delivered!

  9. LittleCoogs Says:

    The hope is alive here in Manhattan! Love your blog and am watching with all my Obama gear on.

    Blog on, my friend!!

  10. sarahsouth Says:

    love your 8:36 post
    i feel your presence in NC, bonnie

  11. Shebinz Says:

    Hi Bon =)

    Keeping up with your posts tonight…

    Your blog has been AMAZING all along!!

    Obama owes Yo Mama BIG TIME! 😉


  12. sarahsouth Says:

    RI closes in 30 seconds

  13. sarahsouth Says:

    minnesota just closed. say a prayer for al franken.

  14. dolly parton Says:

    go new york!!

  15. amy lilley Says:


    Check out this web site…RI closes @ 9

    YEAH NY!!!!

    Bunny must be happy!!

  16. Ann Bieber Says:

    one thing I have to say about my state, NY, we are very decisive!!!!!

    Have any of you seen the “party” going on in Harlem? Weird, all I see there are white people. NY is really the BEST!!!! No one cares WHAT you are!!!!!!

  17. Ann Bieber Says:

    GO OHIO!!!!!!! Just turned BLUE!!

  18. Ann Bieber Says:

    Amy & Bonnie:
    I wish the Republicans would change their color to Gold- I know you two will understand- Hail to the Blue and the Gold!!

  19. amy lilley Says:

    NO QUESTION that RI was over the top for Obama…I’m going downstairs now to watch some of this…will be getting some exercise running up and down to keep up w/ all of you…this is GREAT!!!

    NY is the best..NY is the best…NY is the best!

  20. chuck Says:

    they called ohio for obama. it’s over.

  21. maribelle Says:

    way to go yo mama!

    karen says thanks for Jersey Girl!!

    rachel says hi!!

  22. LittleCoogs Says:

    you will love this video!!!

  23. amy lilley Says:

    I’ve been dying to put write down some color war songs…have been reeling them over …shall we start w/ da da da da da da da da da da… ‘Hail conquerer’s hail…courageous BLUE team…’ …lol

  24. Ann Bieber Says:

    Amy- aren’t we loyal and bold?

  25. Coogs Says:

    Yo Mama,
    Next stop, The Oprah Winfrey show.

    Anyone have Gayle’s phone number?


  26. chuck Says:


  27. Natalie Rosen Says:

    It is just a matter of time!! YEEHA…how happy am I … unbelievably.

  28. amy lilley Says:

    Yes, we are loyal and bold, but it doesn’t rhyme w/ blue…lol

    Aren’t we torches high, we will ignite the light that launches blue into the fight (flight)…triumphantly, we will go surging forward BLAST the (RED) right out of sight…”…I need help

  29. amy lilley Says:

    Yes, we are loyal and bold, but it doesn’t rhyme w/ blue…lol

    Aren’t we torches high, we will ignite the light that launches blue into the fight (flight)…triumphantly, we will go surging forward BLAST the (RED) right out of sight…”…I need help

  30. sarahsouth Says:


    contact gayle NOW.

  31. Ann Bieber Says:

    Al Franken has a slight lead

    Ok, Amy, after tonight we can work on the songs (:

  32. Coogs Says:

    GO VIRGINIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. MiddleChild Says:

    Yes VIRGINIA there is a Santa Claus!!!!!! Yay Virginia! Come on Al Franken

  34. YO MAMA's BFF Says:

    He did it, he did i,t he did it!!!!! He won VA! Start the music!

  35. Shebinz Says:

    !!!! =)

  36. sarahsouth Says:


  37. amy lilley Says:

    IT IS DONE>>>>MAZAL TOV EVERYONE…I’ll be up for quite a while…

  38. YO MAMA's BFF Says:

    It doesn’t get much better than this!

  39. Shebinz Says:

    a very decent concession speech, – yes, it is a shame he didn’t behave this way throughout the campaign.
    Ship Palin back to Alaska. Her husband looked like he couldn’t wait to get off that stage and get back there.

  40. amy lilley Says:

    new post:


    Bon, I’m going to listen to all your songs, all your hard work, later today…for right now, having called my son, the FUTURE…I bid thee sweet dreams…Ann, to you as well…sweet, sweet dreams

  41. Julie Oh Says:

    Thanks for this amazing blog posting!!!

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