Walk A Mile In His Shoes

Good, no!  Great morning America!

I woke up today to find that I had breathing space.  The weight of the world lifted a bit for me.  We have a President-Elect who will fill his shoes well.

First and foremost, Barack Obama is a decent human being.  He brings honesty and reason to the table.  I believe that he would never lie to us.  Mistakes —– yes.  There will be trip-ups.  But intentional deceptions?  Absolutely not.  There is a confidence, a trust, he conveys.  This trust has allowed me to feel an easing of the burden.

Secondly, Obama is a man of letters, of purposeful education.  He initiates new ideas to solve old problems; he is open to innovation.  He embodies the mental acuity necessary to be a real leader.  Moreover, his intellect is magnified that much more by his dedication to plain hard work and discipline of temperament.

Finally, Obama is the bridge between cultures and races.  He is living proof that democracy, justice and equal opportunity are alive and well in America.  By negating past prejudice he has secured a place in our future history for everyone, regardless of creed, color and national origin.  This feat should not be underestimated.  I urge you to walk a mile in his shoes, or in his wife Michelle’s shoes.  Until you can imagine the path they have had to walk, don’t stoop to inflammatory, ignorant comments that have been circulating in the media.  These lies are merely retaliation, spoken out of fear, malice and jealousy.  Walk away from this nonsense.  The divide has narrowed, the gap is closing.  The burden is being lifted.

Even though Obama was overjoyed last night, you could see him holding back.  I bet he is totally aware of the tough job that lies in front of him.  He allowed us our glory last night but do not expect much more celebration from him.  After all, he, that is, WE, have a job to do.  Walk a mile in his shoes.

On with it.



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