Yakety Yak

Dearie me.  What to make of Sarah Palin?  The woman just will not stop talking.  She is her own worst enemy.

What of the Republican public assault on Palin after the election?  McCain’s stupidity in choosing her as his running mate and Palin’s own stupidity in accepting that role leaves no room for sympathy.  She must have been out of her mind to think she could fall into the job of VP and run like the wind.  People in general seem to believe that the other person’s job is easy.  Experience and preparation are not necessary.  Wrong.  Palin was in way over her head.  She threw in her hat with the big boys and did not know if she was coming or going.  Well folks, she’s going.

Even though Palin was outside of her comfort and ability zone, there is definitely something else going on here regarding the post-election attack of Palin.  I am sure that the stories that have leaked out about her, i.e. her lack of geographical knowledge, her covetous desire for designer duds, and her blind, all-encompassing ambition, are 100% true.  However, I do not understand why the campaign staff leaked all of these stories.  Besides the given, that the Republicans eat their own, why has all of this scandalous information come out into the open?  Isn’t there a code of courtesy?

Thom Hartman of Air America had a theory a few days ago.  He held that the Romney camp wants to position their guy for 2012.  In order for them to do this, they need to demolish Palin as a viable choice for 2012.  Honestly, I am not surprised by this all-out assault on Palin by her colleagues.  Let us see what stuff Palin is really made of and if she can combat evil with evil.  If she succeeds, the Republicans will welcome her with open arms.  What a good foundation on which to build the future leadership of our country.

At any rate, why won’t Palin just keep quiet?  Her rambling is tiresome and embarrassing.  The woman needs to do her current job well and cease her incessant jabbering about her career path.  She needs to simmer down and listen, instead of talking.  She needs a lot more spit and polish, not to mention education and real knowledge, if she ever hopes to assume the reins of national power.  Until that time, and I sincerely hope that time never comes, here’s to you, Sarah Palin:

Yakety yak.  DON’T COME BACK.

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  1. Shebinz Says:

    Love your posts, and PERFECT songs!!

    Yo Moma, you keep us laughing as well as informed! 🙂

    Enjoy Maine!


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