Odds And Ends: First Clean Up Your Own Mess

Hi folks.  I have some odds and ends that I need to clean up.

Months ago, I drew the parallel between our Presidential race of 2008 and the script on “The West Wing”.  Sure enough, this election has proven true to the script of that television show.  Joe Biden is Obama’s Leo McGarry.  I further learned last week that Rahm Emanuel was the inspiration on which “The West Wing” based their Josh Liman character.  I thought this article was interesting”


Now is the time that things will divert from the plot of that television show because the series ended once Jimmy Smits became the new President.  So I guess we are on our own.  I like it that way though, and I bet so does Obama.

By the way, I am rereading Obama’s first book, “Dreams From My Father”.  If you have never read it, you should pick it up today and start turning those pages.  It reads like a novel and it is so mind-opening.  Obama tells us in detail from whence he came.  The book sheds lights on his personal growth, familial relationships, coming of age, political philosophies and above all, gives the reader a hint of where this man will go in the future.  The book is totally uplifting.

A word on Sarah Palin.  I am up here in Maine for the week and have been watching her interviews.  I understand her need to fight back against those “anonymous” leaks that have damaged her reputation.  However, her incessant talking and constant media blitz must stop.  Who is running Alaska?  Or maybe, it doesn’t take much to govern Alaska and that is why she is so concentrated on her public image.  Between the interviews, the snow machine rides, the preparation of meals for her family —– when does she govern?  I acknowledge her untethered ambition for higher office (but only if God will open the door for her), I appreciate her enthusiasm for America and I even admire her “can-do” approach to governing.  However, despite her gung-ho attitude, doesn’t she realize that to wish something doesn’t necessarily make it happen.  If she wants to catapult herself to national office, she better go and educate herself on geography, current events, history, political science and public policy.  Wishing and hoping are one thing; preparation is another thing entirely.

A few words on California’s Proposition 8.  After listening to Keith Olbermann’s commentary on Prop 8 the other night, I woke up the next morning and realized that SO WHAT if gay people want to get married.  With the  heterosexual divorce rate at 50% in this country, if the gays want to follow the same folly, let them.  But gay people are first, human beings just like the rest of us.  They therefore deserve the same rights as the rest of America.  How in all the Heavens can gay marriage affect all of our lives?  It can’t and it won’t.  If two people are in love and want to get married, let them follow their affair of the heart and make it a legally binding contract.  We should celebrate that commitment.

If you really want something to get all riled up about, look at the $700 billion bailout.  I stated two months ago that these banks were not to be trusted with this money.  Our government never set strict enough rules on this lending.  So far, none of the funds have trickled down to the people undergoing home foreclosures.  These foreclosures are the first domino in our fragile economic state.  Instead, many banks are using these taxpayer monies to buy smaller, ailing banks for pennies on the dollar with hopes to flip those banks in a few years for large profits.  In the meantime, there are a half of million homeowners being forced out of their homes.

Where is our government?  More to the point, where are our House Representatives and Senators?  Haven’t they learned yet NOT to give this administration a free hand in managing crises?  Simple rules will suffice for these companies accepting the loan package:  no bonuses, no golden parachutes, no business junkets, no enriching their own company at the expense of helping out Americans in financial trouble.  What is so difficult about setting up guidelines to ensure that the funds get used for the purpose of which they were intended?  I do not think that rules would be the problem;  the real stumbling block is that lawmakers do not want to establish rules and guidelines.  There is no backbone to our current government.  Maybe Obama can provide some.

We are in a totally new situation here in this financial crisis.  I am not that naive to expect all the measures taken to fend off total collapse will be successful.  This is a learning curve;  some policies will work and others will not.  But certainly we must lay down some ground rules to protect our taxpayers from losing even more money due to irresponsible lending.  Our current path is just adding insult to injury by possibly throwing good money after bad.  Hello —– who is in charge here?

When Bush took office eight years ago, he swore that he was not interested in nation building across the globe.  Hah!  That was the initial lie that we all should have been hep to.  I am calling for nation building right here at home.  Now.  The United States needs to take care of their own.  Our citizens need decent jobs, adequate universal healthcare, our infrastructure needs much ignored attention and we need an energy policy and implementation to truly build a self-intact functioning state.  Just as the individual citizen must be personally responsible for his own existence, so must other countries begin to rely on their own strength for survival.

Global political philosophies are very important to a peaceful, well-functioning world.  However, if we, as a world leader and free-standing country, lose our domestic strength, we will be of no use to anyone else in this world.  I have said it before and now I will say it again:  start at home.


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