Same Wavelength

Obama and I are on the same wavelength.  It is a good connection and I can only assume that the majority of Americans are also feeling the connection.

During the last eleven months, I have noticed that within 24 hours of one of my posts, Obama voiced the same thoughts.  Now, do not get me wrong:  no way, no how is Obama reading this website.   However, he and I seem to be on the same plane regarding policies and politics, not to mention ethics and emotions.   As an aside, I must add that when I hear him speak to the same causes and considerations of which I have written, it does my heart and brain good.  Thus, there is a lot to be said for commonality between people.

How does this “same wavelength” phenomenon come about?  The most obvious answer is that the specific times and situations are calling for  sensible, logical thoughts and actions.   One would think that, after the last eight years of the Bush Administration, common sense plays no part in governing.  That appears be true because the public servants were not listening to their constituents and not using their intellects to scrutinize today’s issues.  Moreover these elected officials were using their public positions to reward themselves personally.   In order to hit the common wavelength, connect with the people one  is representing, a person holding public office must first open himself up to what exactly it is that concerns the citizens.  He then must be innovative in his policy design, totally transparent in informing the public of these policies and finally, live a life beyond reproach, i.e. be honest, ethical, not self-serving and basically, clean.  One must govern the way one has lived.  If they are not one and of the same, the differences become clear and very destructive.

The following is an essay that recently appeared in “Newsweek”:

I can honestly say that, never before, was I as happy to hear a person, in this case Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, condemn Obama and his team for being merely “bleeping appreciative.”  No graft, no corruption, just blessed appreciation.  Obama is proving himself to govern as he has lived —– honestly.

Another factor in creating this “same wavelength” is the amount of time a person has spent with another person, being intellectually and emotionally invested in that person.  Regarding this time factor, I can give you a couple of personal examples.  My extended family was sitting at the dinner table about 20 years ago at my parents’ house.  At that time, they had been married about 50 years.  My Dad was referring to a state of the union that he wanted to make a point about.  He could not remember the specific name of the state and he said to my mother, “You know Helen, its a state that begins with the letter “C.”  My mother quickly replied, “Oh yes.  It is Utah.”  My father immediately corroborated her correct response!  My parents had been living together for so long that, regardless of their words spoken only minutes before, their THOUGHTS were connected.  That is why they knew the state was Utah, even though it didn’t begin with a “C”.  Obviously they both had discussed this before and their common experience ruled this conversation.

I myself, having been married now for 35 years, am finding this “same wavelength” happening frequently between my husband and me.  We could be roaming around the house, doing our own separate things, when out of the blue,  we both will bring up a topic that had been on our minds —– and that topic is EXACTLY the same one.  This type of connection has always existed between my identical twin sister and me, but I chalked that up to something genetic.  What can possibly explain this connection with my husband, growing stronger with the years?

Having spent a lot of time with a person certainly educates the parties involved in really knowing each other, second-guessing them.  Granted.  However, as I mentioned in my earlier post “Doodles”, there has to be some mental, emotional and/or intellectual energy flowing between people.  We have not, as yet, been able to quantify this, but it is definitely there.

A recent study came out that held that animals, specifically dogs, have emotions.  DUH!!!!  No kidding!  This experiment showed that dogs responded to the facial expressions of humans.  Furthermore, an earlier study showed that jealousy existed between dogs who reacted identically but were rewarded unequally.  Why does this gap exist between humans and animals in recognizing wavelength connections?  Perhaps it is indicative of we humans needing to place ourselves above and beyond other species.  We are narcissistic.  This needs to be changed.  Not only will our interpersonal relationships benefit from  a new  give and take, but also our respect for the earth as a viable entity will experience  a positive effect from a considerate populace.

Once again, my personal experiences validate the human-animal connection.  We have had a series of three dogs over the last 30 years.  Our first dog, Kona, was our pet when we had our two kids.   Chuck, our eldest, was eight months old and my husband and I both thought the other one was watching the baby.   He fell down the stairs.  Who was the first one there, at the bottom  of the steps, licking Chuck and crying?  Kona!  Our subsequent dogs were extremely responsive when the kids were upset, or they were sick, or perhaps when they were elated at some event.  These animals clearly and in my mind, unquestionably, demonstrated emotional, if not intellectual, understanding and sympathy with people.   Check out this video and you will agree that seeing is believing:

So it is no wonder that I feel a connection to Obama.  He has invested himself in the American people and they, in turn, have invested themselves in him.  Basically, this is simply an opening up of minds, a merging of paths, and a resultant flow of energy.  Surely situational circumstances and extended exposure to specific individuals are responsible for this commonality.  But also, a certain unknown factor, so far unexplained scientifically, exists to color and influence our relationships.  Just because science has not yet named this phenomenon nor been able to measure it, does not mean it does not exist.  Call it karma.  Call it coincidence.  Call it whatever you like.  I believe it is a certain goodness, an empathic consideration, a human decency, that will, if recognized and given the chance, transform our planet.

In the greater scheme of things, ‘same wavelength’  sets the stage for real and important changes to take place.  Whether it is between governments, people or animals, a connection must be made first before we can effect change to better ourselves and our world.

No wonder I am at peace with myself, regardless of the turmoil in our world.  I know myself, trust myself and have witnessed a commonality between me and Obama that soothes me.  I am comforted.  What a welcome relief.


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  1. Natalie Rosen Says:

    Tears stain my keyboard from that lion video. How BEAUTIFUL. I never saw anything like that. Just wondrous to behold. I do feel that with animals. I feel a connection that is undefinable even with my two domestic short hairs, Sugar and Sky. I treat them as I would want to be treated with kindness, appreciation of our bond with nature and with love. I do not know if they love us back or if they merely want their dinner but I hope they do.

    As for humans, well, the jury is still out. Machiavelli was a real person, the Holocaust really DID happen, and George Bush despite his tremendous incompetence really DID get elected twice president of the United States. Humans have a distinctly problematic track record.

    I LOVE Barack Obama and am THRILLED he was elected but I personally do not have a karma connection with him. I simply hope he is as you say he is utterly true to his word. So far, I have every reason to believe in his honesty unless and until he proves otherwise.

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