Housing Blues

If any one of you readers have Obama’s email, please send it to me immediately.

Our government has denied the Obama family early access to Blair House.  The Obamas wanted to move in there early because their girls start school on January 5th.  Traditionally, the President-Elect may occupy Blair House starting on January 15th.  Unfortunately, the powers that be have said that they have already booked the guest house before the typical move-in day.

Hah!  Blair House has:

“119 rooms and 70,000 square feet of space.  There are 14 guest bedrooms, 35 bathrooms, four dining rooms,kitchen facilities. laundry and dry cleaning facilities, an exercise room, a flower shop, and a fully equipped hair salon.”

Pray tell, what ever happened to  “no child left behind”?

So I will gladly offer the Obamas my house for that ten day period.  Otherwise, I guess our President-Elect and his family might very well be out on the street.

Do you really think times have changed?

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  1. sarahsouth Says:

    maybe they could lengthen their stay and hang out with us for the inauguration party? i could bring extra sleeping bags.

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