Kick ‘Em Out

Hah!  Why am I not surprised?

On the front page of The Washington Post today is an article saying that the Bush Administration inserted a one sentence loophole negating the bailout rule about exorbitant executive pay:

This is exactly what I was talking about in my post yesterday.  What good are rules enacted by our elected officials (when and if they actually make rules) if they can be changed, or even totally erased, by the royal President?  This is what is causing our personal paralysis.  This is the confidence crisis that Obama must deal with.

At this point, our only response is to GET EVEN.   This is a purely emotional, gut reaction.  Although not rational or ultimately beneficial, each person just wants to snap back, offer a knee-jerk reaction to these pigs and say F-U.  That is why our citizens are against any further bailouts.  I concur.  We are dealing with bad people in our government and in these companies and agencies that are seeking financial bliss.  For our Congress to pass bills and then have the rules of those bills changed by Bush, Paulson (did you see Barney Frank on “60 Minutes” last night?) or whomever can get away with it, is not the democratic process that we have been assured of in our Constitution.

Kick these bastards out now —– the President, Vice, and all the Congressmen.  None of them are doing their jobs according to the laws of our Constitution.  If our system has gotten too unwieldy to effect real change, fix it.  But these loopholes and lies are not worthy of the rights we the people are entitled to.  Believe it or not, The United States government is not a monarchy and Bush, the dumb idiot, is not our king.  He is just stupider than a rock.

I feel justified in my obsession with buying shoes.  I would like to throw every last one of them at Bush.


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  1. Natalie Rosen Says:

    Correct on every point. I’ll buy the shoes! It’s DISGUSTING and even Barney whom I believe is brilliant but bought just like everyone else. It appears he has indeed made some of this corruption possible as much as I hate to admit it. I don’t exactly understand why people blame him for Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac except that there was no regulation. He has been elected 14 times but the next election for him i am not so sure.

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