The Tribe Defiled: Self-Imposed

Yo Mama’s ideas appear to be echoed by Steven Pearlstein of The Washington Post today:

Pearlstein evokes memories of the Son of Sam case in New York.  My mother and her contemporaries were running all around the place whispering to each other, “Have you heard?  The killer is David Berkowitz.”  And then, in even more hushed tones. “He’s a Jew.”  And then finally, “Oy vey.”

Madoff’s story is biblical in its simplicity and “been there, done that” nature.  There is nothing new here.  Common sense (if that exists anymore) dictates due diligence in vetting people with whom you choose to have financial (as well as personal) dealings.  Same should hold true for elected officials.  Then, watchdogs and oversight patrols must be in place and ready to enforce very tight controls.

I am not going through explaining this again, as I already did in my previous posts of  12/15/08 “Aversion Inequity” and of 12/14/08  “No More Carte Blanche”.

Just read Pearlstein’s essay.  If you are not happy with the toxic events in our nation, read the article, take a stand and speak up.

Most importantly, stuff your money under your mattress.


2 Responses to “The Tribe Defiled: Self-Imposed”

  1. middlechild Says:

    First of all, the danger with stuffing your money under your mattress is that if there’s a fire, it all goes up in smoke. Secondly, The U.S. governement cannot be relied upon for anything anymore. While I certainly don’t expect them to do my work for me, I DO expect a certain minimum responsibility on their part in doing what they are PAID to do. The SEC completely failed in their 2007 “audit” of Madoff’s company – they have admitted that much. Mort Zuckerman (the real estate guy who owns the NY Daily News) had $30 million invested with Madoff. However, Zuckerman did not directly invest with Madoff. He invested in a hedge fund who then put the money with Madoff. Zuckerman said he met with his hedge fund FOUR times a year to make sure his money was “okay.” What was he supposed to do – run the hedge fund (to whom I’m sure he paid huge fees) himself??? I think the general public is pretty close to their tipping point. There is no one to trust or believe anymore. Our society values perkiness above all else, and our culture is such that anything that is not perky is considered negative and therefore not socially acceptable. The news anchors on TV MUST be perky, even when reporting the dismal economic state of this country. Journalists no longer do their jobs for fear of seeming negative. The majority of Congress is dumb and dumber and not REALLY interested in seeking truth. The biggest conspiracy in this country is that most of the people are too busy working to actually uprise or rebel, and the politicains know this. So we’re mired down in what has become the usual crap. But don’t worry – we always have those asenine smiling faces on TV to look up to. Smile, smile, smile. If nothing else, you’ll be socially acceptable.

  2. Natalie Rosen Says:

    I read Pearlstein’s article and loved it. So I wrote him the following:

    Mr. Pearlstein I surely could not have written a better editorial myself. Your article is, pardon the pun, right on the money. It is so well written. After hearing about the Madoff scandal I remembered my mother’s echoes “Sha, do not talk about the Rosenberg’s.” I wonder, a generation later because I am a Jew, why did I want to run and hide after reading about the Madoff disreputable and illegal behaviors. After all it had nothing to do with me as, unfortunately, I am NOT one of those stereotypical Jews who anti Semites say is bathing in bucks. Still, I felt mud splattered on my face by his egregious behavior simply because I am a Jew even though I didn’t even make a cent from it.

    When one truly reflects on its substance, I submit, this simply is a reflection of who we are as a nation. When history is written of this sad time, long after I am gone, it will be said that not only the financial markets were corrupt but EVERYTHING was corrupt. America, probably for much of our history,could be bought. Whether it was slavery, trust busting, Boss Tweed, Tameny Hall, the Keating Savings and Loan, Enron, Iraq, Blackwater, crony no bid contracts, multiple Congressional scandals, Abramoff, Duke Cunningham, Stevens, Wall Street credit default swaps, Standard & Poors and Moody conflict of interest rating systems, no strings attached 700 billion dollar loans floating in the breeze, Blagovich and now Madoff (the list goes on), simply put NO ONE but NO ONE ran the store or cared as long as people made money. The proverbial foxes in our political and financial sectors guard the chicken coops while the taxpayers go like lambs to their slaughter.

    I believe it is intrinsic in the very nature of our country. People are slightly envious when other people make big bucks even IF they make it in dubious ways. Perhaps, most especially when they beat the system. I think there are some who secretly wish they could have gotten away with it too. They continually elect the all powerful to advance that system. Mayor Curley one of the most corrupt mayors in Boston history ruled from his jail cell and people to this day have a spark of admiration for him. Even Al Capone shares a mythic grandeur. George Bush is exemplar supreme but surely he is not the only one.

    Will this ever become a better country? Maybe Barack Obama is the answer but I surely do know it is not the fault of the Jews. Unfortunately, I believe it is in the country’s soul. Americans have a very very short memory. Unless this hits home in their pocketbooks for generational time — and it just may — then I submit, it will be forgotten when the Dow reaches 11,000 once again.

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