Kill The Kids

Israel and Hamas are at it again in Gaza.  Oh!  But the Arabs started this series with missiles and bombs.  So the Israelis answered back with an onslaught ten times bigger.

This is just so messy.  Why don’t both sides just line up all of their children and shoot them dead at point blank range?  It would be quicker, less expensive and there would be no future generation to continue this insanity.  Imagine:  schools would no longer need to be paid for, the mouths to feed would decline in number, and no one would have to live in fear of losing their children to war.  Houses, municipal buildings and those hallowed places of worship, their underlying principles of which are the impetus for all the killing, would remain intact.  There would be no more huge burn and trauma medical bills and no more physical and psychological scars that last a lifetime.  Why prolong the misery and suffering any further?  There just won’t be any more children.  Problem solved.   Furthermore, once they kill all the kids, both sides can revel in their feud with no guilty afterthoughts.

This problem will NOT be solved until both sides decide that enough of their children have been maimed or killed.  Apparently, the children’s fear from this 60 year war has no influence on their parents’ actions.  Ancient texts declaring this area to be the homeland of either or both groups have precedence over a viable childhood.

So have at it.  Stop wasting time and money.  It will be so much more tidy to get this over with in one fell swoop.  The fix is so simple.

Kill the kids.


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  1. Natalie Rosen Says:

    The blog reminded me of Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”, his satirical essay which suggested the poor Irish sell their children to be eaten by the rich.

    Lining the kids up against the wall and shooting them would surely do the trick. The situation is so dismaying and what can we do but wring our hands. It’s out of our control. The players involved on both sides are FOOLS utter fools and they simply do not care about anything but their ridiculous biblical mandates and madness. That’s what happens when religion rules. It’s a horror show on both sides.

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