New Year Greetings

Let the festivities begin.

What a year 2008 has been!  The standout event of the year, for me, was the election, which pretty much went on for the whole year.  This was an election for the ages.  I am thrilled that my children and their contemporaries got to experience a decent, honest and transformative candidate like Barack Obama.

Of course, all the other players were quite colorful also.  Who could have possibly even invented a character like Sarah Palin?  Who would have ever predicted that Hillary and the Clinton Machine would fall prey to the neophyte Obama?  Was there ever the thought that our financial institutions would crumble, that our auto industry would waver on the brink of extinction, or that a New York Ponzi artist would fess up to the largest scam of the emperor’s new clothes?  The humor, the gravitas, the sequence of world events made 2008 a year to remember.

Going forward, I relish moving from darkness into light as we  progress (you betcha’, Sarah Palin) from 2008 into 2009.

YE Bush Obama

Doesn’t this picture say it all?  The past is in shadow, the future is in light.  Looking back over Obama’s life, especially his political life of the last two years, I find that his belief that the time for change is now and he is the one to deliver it, despite his brief tenure in elective politics, is apt.  Obama is simply corroborating the facts when he demonstrates his qualities of a cool intellect, a sensitivity to the needs of our people, and above all, the practice of unifying our nation.  He has shown over and over again, sometimes much to our dismay, that consensus, getting the job done, has precedence over emphasizing differences.  The goal is cooperation to ensure change and progress; personal feelings and political vendettas be damned.

My first link is the year in review by the humorist Dave Barry.  I know it is lengthy, but do take the time to read it because your sides will ache with laughter and your brain will acknowledge just how right as rain Barry is in his comments.  This is a “MUST -READ”:,barryyearend.article

A few more posts will follow this one before the year- end because 2008 was a year for the history books.  There is so much more to see and say.  If any of you have definitive or funny photos/ videos from this year’s events, please send them along  to me and I will post them.

It really was quite a ride this year, wasn’t it?


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