More Auld Lang Syne

As 2008 draws yet nearer to its end, 2009 looms in front of us.  Batter up!

I thought 2008 was a fantastic year:  lots of good stuff, plenty of bad, but whatever the events may have been, they were always interesting, history-making, hysterically funny because what you saw was what you got, unbelievable yet true, and at last, not boring.

My favorite word of the year was “ta-tas”.  Please read Molly’s blog for a rip-roaring rendition and perfect use of this word.  Her website, The New Kid On Tha Blog, is a very entertaining site all about a young person’s adventures in life.  It is very illuminating for me.  I need to read it to keep up to date on the world.  However, the humor will entrance you, no matter what your age may be.

Sadness, stupidity, and greed also defined this year.  The irony of it all is that even our downside was so “American”.  Just as our ideals of freedom, equality, prosperity and independence have shaped our nation from its beginning over 200 years ago, so too will this year’s events go down in the history books as a defining era:

In the end though, we have humor to soften the blow of the bad times:

And of course, we have hope that the New Year will be more honorable, more inspiring and bring us all goodwill.  We have taken the first step in accomplishing that hope by electing Barack Obama to be our next President.  He will need help from every one of us.

Step up to the plate.  It is your turn at bat.

Happy New Year!

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  1. MAC Says:

    Words cannot express how honored I am to be mentioned on such a prestigious blog. Amen to your thoughts about 2008 and I am totally prepared to step up to the plate for 2009. Here’s to hitting home runs!!

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