As If

As if this year hadn’t provided a plethora of media events to satisfy any curious person.  As if this year hadn’t produced enough fodder for those who appreciate irony and humor.  The last few days have kept the ball rolling even further.

As if the greatest love story of a Holocaust survivor and his life-saving angel who gave him food every day, and then they met up again on a blind date years later in this country,  was true.  Oprah even fell for it, hook, line and sinker.  As if.

As if Sarah Palin’s new 2009 calendar is appropriate and relevant for her future political career.  As if Obama, though politically incorrect (as if I care), was absolutely correct in his statement that hard economic times breed exaggerated loyalty to God, guns and religion.  Sarah Palin became a grandma of a beloved baby boy named Tripp.  Bristol out-Palined her mother.  Need I say more?  As if.

Rod Blagojevich, on the verge of being impeached as Illinois governor (I question as to whether or not the accusations will actually turn into an impeachment), named a successor to Senator Obama’s seat in the Congress.   Defying the allegations being thrown at him, Rod selected an African American as if to say, “I dare you to impeach my choice.  As if you can touch this choice, which may or may not be the only control I have left.”  So far, Rod has not been deemed guilty of anything.  As if his hair is attractive.

As if the new Israeli-Hamas conflict will amount to anything good.  Except maybe dead children.  As if it matters who launched the first missiles.

There is one more day left in this year.  As if it might be a quiet day.  As if you won’t hear from me.

As if.

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