Cherished Wishes

It is almost here.  2009.  We have lost our power due to high winds so it appears that I will be barbecuing New Year’s dinner.  Also, no vacuuming today.  Uh-oh.

I want to wish you all:

My oldest and dearest:  ERG, Rosie, Ms. Wish, Lilley Hope, Ms. Seven-Striper, the Good Banker;

My family, especially Chuck and Maribel, who never cease to amaze and educate me, and who are my biggest hope for sanity, hope and change;

My newer friends, not one bit less dear, especially The Brownies, who fill me with awe in their devotion to humor and bettering our world;

much happiness, peace in your time and a rip-roaring 2009.  I would be willing to trade a little less drama for a bit more stability.  Silly me.

So Happy, happy New year!  Have a blast tonight, but watch yourselves.  You are still needed to carry the message forward.  As my friend Barack said:  “We are what we have been waiting for.”  Go forth, have fun, but you better be ready to haul ass in 2009.

Much love and thanks,

Yo Mama

2 Responses to “Cherished Wishes”

  1. ERG Says:


    thanks for the good wishes, and right back at ya for you and yours.

    YOUR “mama” aka Mother

  2. amy lilley Says:

    All my love and prayers for you and the kids, the hubby for a healthy, blessed and spirit-filled New Year…looks like we’re all off to to a good start!!!

    much, much love,
    Lilley Hope

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