A Salute to The Arts

During these next two weeks leading up to the Inauguration, I would like to dedicate myself and this website to an appreciation of the arts, especially music.  In good times, the arts suffer from under-financing.  Imagine how dire the situation is in bad times:


In elementary education, many music programs have been shuttered due to lack of funds.  Studies have shown over and over again how closely related, in terms of development and mastery, music and math are, not to mention the acquisition of a foreign language.  The visual arts are my personal favorite and they have been found to stimulate lesser used areas of the brain that are related to higher levels of perception, cognition and social skills.

My goal for the next two weeks is a celebration of music —– straightforward fun, some nostalgia and a push for a personal end.  My daughter is a musician.  She composes songs, plays instruments and performs at many venues.  She has about five CD’s to her name and has just made a new one.  This is not currently for sale because she has to raise money to actually burn it and distribute it.  I have been one of the few lucky ones to hear the demo.  She hired a band to accompany her and the result is terrific, all prejudice aside.  Her instrument playing and singing have reached new heights.  However, it is her poetry that has always amazed and moved me.  Her turn of a phrase, her painting of images with lyrics, her ability to catch a mood and invoke a certain time and place is phenomenal.  So  if you consider yourself a patron of the arts in general and a promoter of a talented troubadour specifically, go to her website, hhtp://alimarcus.com and make arrangements to buy a few of her older CD’s so she can raise the money to issue the new one.  The CD’s are on a half price special sale now.  Thank you.

My first music presentation is a classic of Pasty Cline.  To me, there is not a clearer or purer voice than hers.  Her recordings do not include any special effects of studio production, so what you hear is really what you get.  Also, my choices of musical videos over the next two weeks will reflect the historic, fantastic year we have had in elective politics and the celebration of our 44th President, Barack Obama.  The first word that comes to mind is “Crazy.” Here’s Patsy:

I am also going to present a live show on this site on Inauguration Day, Tuesday, January 20th.  If you enjoyed my live post and the accompanying entertainment on Election Night, I think you should visit this site often on January 20th.  “Crazy” won’t even begin to describe it!

Enjoy the show.

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  1. sarahsouth Says:

    darling bonnie, the link to your daughter’s site isn’t working! FYI.
    as ever,

  2. yomamaforobama Says:

    Thank you, Sarah. I believe I have fixed the links.

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