Change Is In The Air

The man has arrived.

Barack Obama came to town yesterday.  The streets around The Hay-Adams Hotel are blocked by security operations, Obama is already hard at work on the hill, and his girls are safely ensconced in their new classrooms.  Glory be.

It is Monday morning and before I continue with my musical tribute to the arts, let me comment on a few events of the day.  Tim Kaine, Governor of my great Commonwealth of Virginia, has been named to succeed Howard Dean as head of The Democratic National Committee.  Yes, Virginia!  Great choice, even though his  dual role of Virginia governor (until 2010) and DNC chief might present a conflict between bi-partisanship in his Virginia governance and total partisanship in running the DNC.

Patrick Fitzgerald, Special Prosecutor in the Blagojevich scandal, has acquired an extension of 90 days to file an indictment against the Illinois governor.  This will place us into April as to the final outcome on the governor’s actions.  I hold that his nominee for Obama’s Senate seat, Roland Burris, will have to be seated by the Senate.  The legality of the situation is that Blagojevich was within legal limits by appointing Burris to the vacant seat.  Blagojevich might very well be deemed corrupt in his attempts to sell that seat, but he was not in violation of the laws currently on the books in his appointment of Burris.  Furthermore, I am of the mind that Fitzgerald is going to have a hard time nailing down the alleged charges against Blagojevich and successfully prosecuting him.  What an uncessary quagmire this has developed into all for the sake of self-promotion, power and greed.

In Minnesota, Al Franken is ahead in the vote count for U. S. Senate against Norm Coleman.  It looks like the state will certify those results today.  Then, who knows?  There probably will be lawsuit after lawsuit by the Coleman camp to refute the results.  At any rate, have a look at your junior senator from Minnesota:

With President-Elect Obama taking up digs in D.C. today, let us acknowledge and celebrate the face of change.  The American folk tradition has played an important role in bringing change to our nation.  The older the song, the better for me.  Here is an old folk song by Phil Ochs that has always been one of my favorites:

Ochs always delivered his message with a catchy tune and powerful words.  His statements are very relevant to this day.

And of course, what is the American folk tradition without Bob Dylan?  He speaks to us of change as well:

This is an old Judy Collins song that evokes a certain acceptance of things.  As a nation, we are at a crossroads, on the cusp of change.  Not only do I accept Obama, I applaud him:

The message of  American folk music will always be timeless, just as the theme of change will forever hold a place of promise in our hearts and minds.


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  1. coffee fiend Says:

    it’s interesting how Blagojevich seems so unaffected by all the chaos swirling around him; it’s as if he feels right at home…

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