Happy Birthday

Today is the ninth birthday of my dog, Castine.

Nine years isn’t a bad lifetime for a Labrador retriever, but I wish she was just nine months old, so we could have more time with her.  She has been our “it” dog.  We got her when my son was already away at college and our daughter was finishing up high school.  The kids, our next door neighbor, and I am sure many other people, thought we were losing our marbles when we committed ourselves, in this supposed “free-from obligations”  period of our lives, to raising another dog.  Without a doubt, the love, devotion and absolute companionship of Castine has proved that our initial decision to get this dog was manna from Heaven for us.  The Beatles’ following song speaks to us of this unconditional love that our pets offer us:

Just like making a garden grow or raising children, nurturing a pet is an experience who’s rewards know no bounds.  The following song, performed by Peter, Paul and Mary, was one of the musical standards of my kids’ upbringing:

To continue my musical tribute to the arts, there is no better group than The Fab Four to celebrate Castine’s special day.  Like my “it” dog, The Beatles were the “it” ensemble of rock and roll, for all times.  When I look back to the beginning of their careers, their music brings back a deja-vu of my teenage years, the events of that era and the pure emotional involvement and enjoyment of their music and lyrics.  This last song is dedicated to Castine, with infinite wishes for an even longer life, “for the things you do endear me to you, ah, you know, I will”:

Whether it is a garden, a child, a pet, or the hope for change and a better world, music is “it”.  Happy Birthday, Cass.


5 Responses to “Happy Birthday”

  1. christine Says:

    happy birthday castine-y!!! i hope you get lots of delicious treats and get to sit on any piece of furniture that you desire.

  2. Natalie Rosen Says:

    Happy happy birthday, nine year old Castine. I wish you nine more and hope all your dog day afternoons are happy and healthy ones!

  3. ERG Says:

    Happy b-day Cass! And many many more. I miss being a puppy.

    Love, Midnight, Buffy and Roxie

  4. amy lilley Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CASTINE!!!…you landed in a GREAT home w/ the very best Mom and Dad, brother and sister…we know, because we landed in a great place too!!

    love of licks and fun,
    Big Kitty and Little Kitty

    ps. many more happy birthdays…:))))))

  5. sarahsouth Says:

    see you soon, castine, my sweet!

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