Cowboy Take Me Away

I love cowboy music so let’s spend a little time back in the saddle:

The image of the cowboy is so distinctly American:  an independent sort, out on the prairie alone with nature.  Unfortunately, the American cowboy has come to also connote a shoot-from-the-hip-ask-questions-later aura that I find reckless and entirely apt in describing the Bush Administration. That gung-ho attitude is not for me.

I prefer to think of cowboys as people who listen to the beat of their own drums.  True, it is a romanticized version, but I envy their solitude out on the range.

They are loners, but appear to be happy with their chosen lot.  Barack Obama, regardless of his cool-as-a-cucumber temperament, makes me think that he values his alone time.  He is a Lonestar and I do hope that his strength and fortitude will cast a good light on our nation.

Of course, just like in any other line of work, one should be prepared for the pitfalls.  In the case of the cowboy, those negative aspects seem to affect not the cowboy, but the people who surround him:

So folks, close your eyes and imagine the next four years being led by a fiercely independent, yet thoughtful and intelligent, cowboy —– in the best sense of that American tradition.



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