The Visual Message

I will now present a digression from my salute to the musical arts and show you some wonderful visual arts.  I am a visual person, i.e. images and especially color are very important to me.  Shall we say that a picture is worth a thousand words?

I am sure you have seen, in one form or another, the red and blue Shepard Fairey posters for Barack Obama.  They are immediately eye-catching —– and powerful.  Here is a little background on the artist:

There have been many spoofs on Fairey’s images.  If you click the following link, and scroll down, you will see all the combinations and permutations.  And they are very funny.

In my opinion, Fairey’s art is the icon of our time.  It has the popular attraction similar to Warhol’s Campbell Soup can and his bold visions of celebrities.  Only time will tell if Fairey’s images will have the lasting power that Warhol’s did.  Can’t wait to see what Fairey does next.  And what we think about it in twenty years.


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