The Real Deal

The children.  That is why Barack Obama’s ascent has been so crucial.  Our future generations must have this chance.  Since children do not have the right to vote, most elected officials only give lip service to bettering education, health rights and any other kind of rights to children.  We must never lose sight of enabling our kids to be the best they can be —- and make it possible for them to attain decent, healthy and enlightened lives:

If we can not make the world a better place for this next generation, all hope is lost.  And that is simply NOT going to happen.  Not on my watch:

Never allow yourself to get so caught up with everyday life that you neglect the small ones rising in our shadow.  The children are the real deal, hope personified.  My husband’s Grandma used to say that life is as big as a yawn.  And man, before you know it, the kids are all grown up and you just hope you did your best and that your best will be reflected right back at you …..and the world at large:

Yes we can.


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