Bye, Adieu, Sayonara, Adios, So Long, Farewell

Bye bye Bush.  I have not one ounce of remorse upon seeing him leave office. His blind faith in reactionary, passe policies coupled with his lack of intellectual curiosity prompts me to wish him “good riddance.”  David Remnick of The New Yorker, in his comment “Homelands”, refers to the incoming President, as opposed to the outgoing one, as a man who possesses “a gift for rational judgment and principled compromise.”

If his lack of any sense wasn’t so blatant, it could be considered funny:

video “bushisms”

As Frank Rich writes in his column of 1/11/09, we, as a nation, have been “deadened” by the lies and manipulation of Bush during his two Presidential terms.  Bush has figured out that for the nation to pursue his many horrendous and illegal acts would take too much time and effort away from actually correcting them once Obama takes office.  I, myself am torn:  do we investigate and possibly prosecute Bush’s actions, or do we move on to actually correct them?  Can we right his wrongs if we do not spend the time to identify them and castigate him for his deeds?

Dan Rather got it absolutely right when he reported that Bush’s supposed military service in the Texas National Guard was a sham:  Bush’s monthly obligations were spotty at best and his appearances, more often than not, never occurred.  The paperwork delineating Bush’s service conveniently “got lost”;  no written record of his military commitment existed.  Dan Rather got canned for this story not because of its content, but because his sources chickened out at the last moment.  What an hypocrisy on which to build a military, war-mongering Presidency!

The lies and manipulations continued.  The Justice Department’s flagrant abuse of our Constitution, the whittling away of our rights and privacy all in the name of fighting terrorism,  the outright debacle and underlying racism of Katrina, the excuse of using the word “democracy” to reap the supposed economic benefits of oil in Iraq, the deregulation of our financial institutions in the belief that our economy would take care of itself regardless of the corruption, greed and lack of oversight, the unbridled expansion of executive power at the expense of individual rights all are responsible for our “deadening.”  Do we succumb to this, or do we take the higher road get on with the healing?  Perhaps our future governance can alleviate the horrendous past governance.  Maybe if we get it right this time, a certain justice will prevail without having to go through all the legal antics of prosecuting Bush and his cronies.

I may as well throw in Maureen Dowd’s column from today’s New York Times, just in case your anger has not yet reached my level of furor:

It is going to take some time for me to get over the ineptitude and damage Bush has inflicted upon us:

Melissa Etheridge sings,  “Am I the only one ?”  I doubt it.  Would Bush have “walked through fire”  for us?  Once again, the odds were against that.  He couldn’t even regularly show up for his own military obligation:

Some people believe that we should have respect for the Office of the President no matter what.  I do not partake in that theory.  How can I have respect for the Office when the man who is filling that office is such a moron?  Bush is one man, without a second of hesitation, I would never stand by:

No Siree: There is no way I could respect Bush just because he was the President.  That would be giving him a “pass” on on his behavior, policies and tactics.  Sorry.  No go.

So I am thrilled to see him vacate office.  (Did he ever really fill that office?  Nah!)  Some might say that the Office of the President has been virtually vacant for the last eight years.  I would not argue with them.

Bye bye Bush.  As Dr. Seuss wrote about Marvin K. Mooney, departure time has arrived:  George W. Bush, will you please go now?  Finally, OUR mission is accomplished.


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