Get On Board

The inauguration of out 44th President is on the horizon.  How coincidental, and meaningful, that it will occur the day after Martin Luther King Day.

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Folks, on November 4, 2008, a momentous event occurred in this country.  The election, by a veritable landslide , of Barack Obama to be our next President will go down in the annals of the U.S. as quite mind-shattering:

The celebration in Chicago’s Grant Park was one of the most moving things I have ever witnessed:

There was Obama, Biden, the mothers, the mothers-in-law, the siblings and of course, the children and grandchildren.  Accessibility.  Allowing the public to revel in their success and acknowledging everyone’s devoted work to get the right outcome for this election.  No words were necessary.  The video says it all.

So here we go.  People get ready, there’s a train a-coming.  On Saturday, President-elect Obama will duplicate Abraham Lincolns journey, by rail, into Washington, D.C. for his swearing in:

It is an historical and momentous event.  Let it be known however, that this day could not have come into being without the words, actions and existence of a man called Martin Luther King.  To praise Obama is to praise ten times over the life work of MLK.  If Obama is the culmination of freedom and justice in this country, MLK was the impetus, the groundwork, that made Obama’s journey possible, step by step, day by day:

Pat yourselves on the backs, high five each other and continuously congratulate yourselves on the superb job you did to get Obama into office.  It was no easy feat, either the last two years of campaigning or the five decades of strife and protest that preceded this event.  All that went before January 20, 2009 was necessary to produce this event.  Revel in your pre-election acts and deeds.  Your deserve it.  We all do:

So people, get ready. There’s a train a-coming.  Time to get on board.

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