Not So Gracious

Have a look at Sally Quinn’s piece in The Washington Post today:

She did her homework and presented her case simply and effectively.  I beg to differ with her on one issue:  Laura Bush was not at all gracious in this instance.  Mrs. Bush knows full well the stresses of trying to maintain a modicum of normal family life when the public and the media are constantly in your face.  Moreover, Mrs. Bush is the mother of two daughters and she certainly should have been more sensitive, and a lot less filled with empty politeness, to the Obama family’s priority of getting their young daughters situated and settled into their new school —– on time.  No , no.  Mrs. Bush was not gracious at all.  Instead, she acted the moron.  I guess if you hang around with idiots long enough, you eventually turn into one.

On the other hand, my dilemma as to whether our nation should spend the time and money on prosecuting President Bush’s outrageous and Constitutional- busting policies during his terms has been sensibly explained by Paul Krugman:

In this case, Krugman just might be correct.  Maybe, unlike the Blair House brouhaha, graciousness has no place here and we must protect and defend our rights as laid out by our Constitution.  In order to move forward in a new, positive, legal and just fashion, maybe we have no choice as to formally condemning the actions of the Bush administration.  The time for accountability might be imperative in order for us to move on and regain a semblance of legality, individual rights, international respect and above all, a path to the ideals on which our country was founded.  Perhaps we need to rectify the past in order to ensure our future.

Graciousness?  It has its time and place.  Laura Bush should have embodied that spirit, but did not.  Americans need to forego graciousness and do what is right.  Will we?


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  1. Natalie Rosen Says:

    As usual Krugman is spot on. The problem being, however, there are so many scandals and illegalities it leaves one breathless as to where one would begin. I say choose, for example, THREE of the most horrific illegalities which cost lives and treasure. I say investigate most especially Iraq and torture with its accompanying wire fraud and then investigate the ultra politicized Justice Department an oxymoron if I ever have seen one. The rest i.e. the environment, science, and even Katrina instead of prosecuting simply TRY to rectify. Oh yes, simply and while he’s at it fix the economy. Not TOO much on his plate. I’m tired. When overwhelmed either eat or sleep and leave the problem solving to someone else!

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