The Afterglow

What a day this was!

Aretha was so fine.  She did such a magnificent job with “My Country Tis Of Thee.”  You just knew that her delivery was restrained for this solemn occasion;  she could have belted out the song by a power of ten.  But her performance was perfect for this day.  I will never forget when she sang “Let freedom ring”.  Those words never meant as much as they did today.  And freedom rang!

My husband was on the Mall.  The sun came out and the wind was blowing the huge American flags to perfection.  He was by the Washington Monument.  The stone used to build that obelisk is two-toned.  They started to build it before the Civil War, but had to stop during the war.  They took up the task again after the war was over.  As a result, the stone they used to complete it is a different color than that which they used before the war.  When my husband looked up at the monument today, that color demarcation was so meaningful.  He was quite moved:


I am now watching the Neighborhood Ball and Michelle and Barack just had their first dance.  Michelle looks unbelievable;  she is wearing a beautiful white dress and presents an image of a bride on a cloud.  Beyonce is singing “At Last” and the First Couple are dreamlike on the dance floor.  I do not want this day to end.

But so it must.  We have big plans to fulfill.  Tomorrow we must get Hillary confirmed as Secretary of State and Teddy Kennedy back home.

Until tomorrow then,


With love and awe,

Yo Mama For Obama


3 Responses to “The Afterglow”

  1. coffee Says:

    The new First Lady seems to have a solid sense of style

  2. lou Says:

    My favorite line of the speech

    “Starting today, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin again the work of remaking America”


  3. Melanie Stephen Says:

    I watched the Inauguration the other day on TV and the news caster made a comment about dark smoke over the white house. He said what you are seeing is not smoke from a fire.
    Then I thought about it. What I saw and what other people were seeing was a dark cloud hanging over the White House on Inauguration Day.

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