The Cos For The Cause

I am still smiling.  How about you?

Here it is “Day One”, and we are all hard at work.  President Obama kinda knew what to do, didn’t he?   I have a feeling that should he ever get that 3 A.M. call, he would also know what to do.  Funny thing about that.  The trials at Guantanamo have been halted, all the unfinished policies of the Bush administration at different agencies have been tabled until our new President can have a long look at them and hopefully, by this afternoon, we will have a new Secretary of State and a new Secretary of the Treasury.  Personally, I am not crazy about Geithner.  However, if my Prez says Geithner’s the one, then let it be.

George Will in The Washington Post today had a great piece:

Obama will be a very strict President. While always offering hope, he will call the shots as he sees them.  We Americans must shape up; no more “childishness.”  The term “personal responsibility” will come to have new, much more serious, meaning.

Perhaps the person we need to thank for first bringing this need for personal accountability to the table is Bill Cosby.  For the last five years, he has spoken often and firmly about Americans’ lack of control in their own lives.  Mothers need to be mothers and fathers need to be fathers.  They must encompass all the decision making, firmness and responsibility that those roles demand.  Religion, God and Jesus are all great, although they can not replace the hands-on effort that each individual must make.  Too many people take umbrage in religion instead of arousing themselves to action.  Cosby said to those parents, whose child might have brought home a gun or two, that God was not going to help you.  These parents needed to help themselves by getting rid of the guns and setting their child straight.  Direct involvement, no nonsense actions and a take-charge program was necessary to invoke change.  No excuses, including the Almighty, accepted.

Ah.  So said our new President yesterday.  Yes, outside forces have put Americans in a tenuous position, both internationally and domestically.  However, we Americans, through childish wants and lack of attention to our own lives, have further reduced our lot. 

As George Will wrote today, as Cosby has been saying all along, and as Obama corroborated yesterday:  it is time for each and every one of us to step up to the plate and take back our lives.  Government can only do so much; President Obama will take care of business for us on those issues over which he has some power.  As for our own responsibilities, i.e. financial sensibility, parenting obligations and ethical conduct, it is time for us to play ball.

Our time HAS come.  This means that there is no free ride.  Each of us must grab the bull by the horns and make this journey for ourselves and our families.  By lifting ourselves up by our own bootstraps one by one, we will make progress and this momentum will be self-reinforcing.  In this way, our hope shall be translated into real change.

Batter up!


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  1. Natalie Rosen Says:

    I am happy on Day 2 as well and said very similar thing that you do here to a friend that the President is strong, serious and takes no guff. He’s like a parent saying stop it, sit in the corner until you can behave. I like that he put Muslims second in his inaugural, I like that he called Abbas first…If this is what it takes GREAT. They have to STOP both sides acting like children. I think Obama will help construct a time out if not an ultimate peace. I trust him. I LOVE LOVE what I see so far. Strong, bold, decisive action and the reversal of the absolute, rancid most humanly disgusting administration in US history. We can have civility and that will keep our country safe as a matter of fact observing the rule of law will keep more safe.

    I hope he simply is not at risk. I do not trust SOME forces in this country. I won’t go there though, not now. I will simply bask in the hope he has given us.

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