Time Out

President Obama has called for a time out on petty, childish and progress-blocking tactics of governing.  First and foremost, as he said in his Inaugural speech, the nation’s security and ideals must be brought back into communion.  They must complement each other, rather than cancel out each other.

Senator John Cornyn from Texas was opposed to Clinton’s appointment as Secretary of State due to Bill Clinton’s fund raising operations.   How hypocritical of Cornyn to hold that his opposition to Hillary was not partisan:  when the Senate held confirmation hearings for Cheney as VP, Cornyn NEVER once raised the possibility of conflict between Cheney and his close ties with Halliburton.  Impossible you say?  Go back and check the records:  not one word on the possible conflict of interest between Cheney and Halliburton.  So Senator Cornyn, get off of your high, divisive horse and come to the post-inaugural ball.  The time for change is here and you are so yesterday, so ineffectual, so transparent.  Your constituency voted you into office to get a job done, not to present irrelevant obstacles for the sake of party loyalty.  Party loyalty will not help Americans pay their mortgages, keep their jobs and afford health care.  Nor will partisan politics end the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Mideast.  Shape up, Buster: if you think, speak and behave like a dinosaur, you are one.  Take a time out.  Adjust yourself.  We will get back to you on when you can come out of the corner.

Congratulations to Hillary Clinton.  I think this role of Secretary of State will be beneficial to us and to her.  Her ambition is tempered and her duty to public service and the greater good has the leading edge.  She is in a good place.  No time out necessary.  She is playing by the new rules.  She knows her place now as it is well-defined.  I think she will be a terrific match with her new office.

The lesson of the day for the remaining Cabinet appointees who still need to be confirmed is “humility.”  Geithner, Obama’s choice for Treasury, in his explanation and apology to the Senate for his past tax “oversights”, used the word “mistake” over 40 times.  Eric Holder, the candidate for chief of Justice, also has been very humble towards his Senate interrogators.  Obviously, Obama has sent the word down through his legions for his appointees to eat crow if that is what it takes to assume office.  President Obama has no patience with petty political battles now that our country is in such dire straits.  Obama wants to get the job done.  He has the appropriate tunnel vision to get his people in their assigned places.  Then the work can commence.  We will see a focused path to each and every problem that needs solving.

Obama was born a 45 year old.  He is old in his demeanor, his emotional maturity and his pragmatism.  Andrew Sullivan says it correctly:

Being an old soul, Obama has a clearer vision to accomplishing his goals.  He will be polite, but assertive.  We have elected so much more that just a new President.  This is our chance for sanity in government, sensibility in leadership and truth in progress.

No time out for Obama.  He needs all the time that is available to him.  He has miles to go before he sleeps.


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