Comic Intermission

It is Friday.  It has been one busy week.  Let’s welcome the weekend (and sleep time) with some humor.

How did you like Chief Justice Robert’s flubbing of the oath during the Inauguration?  Roberts, a man so cocksure of his own abilities, refused to bring notes with him up to the podium to swear in our 44th President.  Best laid plans, etc.  So the next day, Obama taking absolutely NO chances, was sworn in again at the White House by Roberts.  All of this swearing in —–very funny:

My dear Seven-Striper friend from New Yawk has notified me of the following:


So far, we have:

Rahm Emanuel

Chief of Staff

Jewish *****

David Axelrod

Senior Adviser to President

Jewish *****

Ronald Klain

Chief of Staff to VP

Jewish *****

Larry Summers

Adviser to President

Jewish *****

Tim Geithner

Treasury Secretary

Jewish *****

Peter Orszag

Head of Budget

Jewish *****

Am I the only one noticing that Obama and Biden are not as much assembling a staff as gathering a minyan?  Perhaps the Obamas should name their new dog “Rabbi.”

Senator Diane Feinstein, or DiFi as my son has dubbed her, was the master of ceremonies at the swearing in.  That was because she headed up the entire Inaugural Committee.  If only she had done as good a job on the overall Inaugural planning as she had done at the podium.  To her falls the blame for all the purple and silver ticket holders not being admitted to the ceremony.  My son Chuck was very disappointed, being a purple ticket holder.  However, and of this I am so proud, he did not follow the herd of people told to descend into the Third Street tunnel, where they waited for a few more hours, with no law enforcement on the scene.  Oh no.  Chuck found a great sports bar, went inside, joined the festivities, and got to see Obama’s swearing in on the big screen TV.  Shoot:  Of course Chuck couldn’t get in to the ceremony —– Jesse Jackson couldn’t even gain admission.  Here is Jackson, not three feet away from Chuck and in the same predicament:


But the heck with DiFi;  it was a glorious week.  Wishing you a great weekend and maybe, a little rest.

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